Most Recent Additions*


Conference Program
Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, Laurindo Leal Filho, Marius Porteus, Neil Snyders, Ewan Wingate, and Guven Akdogan


Upgrading Phosphogypsum for Uses as Construction Materials
Wending Xiao, Dapeng Zhang, and Patrick Zhang


Simultaneous Recovery of Rare Earths and Uranium from Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Using Solvent Extraction with D2EHP
Shengxi Wu, Xiaowei Huang, Longsheng Zhao, Lifeng Zhang, Zongyu Feng, Liangshi Wang, Patrick Zhang, Hassan El-Shall, and Brij Moudgil


Recovery of Thourium from Phosphogypsum by Acid Leaching
Tebogo Mashifana, Thabo Falayi, Freeman Ntuli, and Jessica Sebothoma


How to Truly Optimize Phosphate Flotation, When Feed Grade is Ever-changing
Lucas R Moore, Yu (Ryan) Xiong, James Gu, and Guoxin Wang


Mine Arnaud Project: Flotation Circuit Adjustment and Collector Reduction
Christine Croteau, Patrick Laflamme, and Michel Lafontaine


Case Study for Processing Phosphate Ores Worldwide
Guoxin Wang, Zhengxing Gu, and Yu Xiong


Effect of calcium concentration on calcite flotation from apatite using carbonic gas
Amanda Soares, Suzanne Ferreira de Mello, and Rafael Teixeira Rodrigues

*Updated as of 08/16/18.