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Conference Program
Kamalesh K. Sirkar, Steven M. Cramer, João G. Crespo, and Marco Mazzotti


On the use of structured adsorbents in cyclic adsorption processes
James A. Ritter, Armin D. Ebner, and Nima Mohammadi


CO2 interactions with porous carbons: Is the surface stable at ambient conditions?
Teresa J. Bandosz, Mykola Seredych, and Enrique Rodriguez-Castellon


3D-printed structured adsorbents for molecular separation
Sarah Couck, Jasper Lefevere, Steven Mullens, and Joeri F.M. Denayer


Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of high molecular weight n-paraffins mixtures and kerosene on 5A zeolite
Daniel Aranda, Vicente Ismael Águeda, José Antonio Delgado, María de los Ángeles Uguina, Marcin Tomasz Holik, Javier Peláez, Jesús Javier Lázaro, and Ignacio David López


Polymer-grade olefin production by gas-phase SMB
Vanessa Martins, Ana Ribeiro Ana Ribeiro, José Loureiro, Alexandre Ferreira, and Alírio Rodrigues


Cryogenic pressure temperature swing adsorption process for natural gas upgrade
Mariana A. Moreira, Ana M. Ribeiro, Alexandre F.P. Ferreira, and Alírio E. Rodrigues


Two-column relay simulated moving-bed for gas-phase separations
Rui P. P. L. Ribeiro, Isabel A. A. C. Esteves, and José P. B. Mota


Analytical affinity chromatography-on-a-chip for selective capture and sensitive detection of protein and polynucleotide biomarkers
Ruben R.G. Soares, Catarina R.F. Caneira, Narayanan Madaboosi, Virginia Chu, Inês F. Pinto, Ana M. Azevedo, M. Raquel Aires-Barros, and João P. Conde


Surface engineering for developing new membrane adsorbers
S. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Anh Vu, and Xianghong Qian


New adsorbers for the removal of genotoxic impurities from active pharmaceutical ingredients
Teresa Esteves, Frederico C. Ferreira, Ana I. Vicente, and Carlos A. M. Afonso


Purification of minicircles by combined enzymatic modification of miniplasmid topology and multimodal chromatography
Duarte Miguel Prazeres, Ana Rita Silva-Santos, Cláudia Alves, Michaela Šimčiková, Gabriel Monteiro, and Ana Margarida Azevedo

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