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Conference Program
Tom Brieva, William Miller, and Chris Mason


Promissing cerium-doped barium manganate perovskite for solar thermochemical hydrogen production
Débora R. Barcellos, Michael Sanders, Jianhua Tong, and Anthony McDaniel


Environmental monitoring of CO2 concentration flows with novel fast Li-Garnet based electrochemical sensor
Jennifer LM Rupp, Michal Struzik, Inigo Garbayo, and Reto Pfenninger


Synthesis and sintering of ZrC1-x powders with variable stoichiometry (0
Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Dhan-Sham Rana, Enrique Jimenez-Melero, Na Ni, Ian Farnan, and William Edward Lee


The effect of cluster reconfiguration and non-stoichiometry on uranium vacancy migration in UO2
Michael WD Cooper, Simon C. Middleburgh, and Robin W. Grimes


Structure formation and electrical properties of thin films: The Ce-Ti-O system
Ralph Andreas Henning, Thomas Leichtweiß, and Jürgen Janek


Thermopower and conductivity of aerosol deposited BaFe1-xTaxO3-δ films
Murat Bektas, Thomas Stöcker, Gunter Hagen, and Ralf Moos


The effect of extended strain fields on point defect scattering
Brenden R. Ortiz, Haowei Peng, Philip Parilla, Stephan Lany, Armando Lopez, and Eric S. Toberer


Harnessing non-stoichiometry and disorder in thermoelectric materials
Eric Toberer, Brenden Ortiz, Robert McKinney, Vladan Stevanovic, Prashun Gorai, Phil Parilla, David Ginley, Stephan Lany, Sebastian Siol, and Andriy Zakutayev


Order, disorder and stability in Be intermetallics for fusion applications
Robin Grimes, Matthew Jackson, Patrick Burr, and Simon Middleburgh


Developing new functional TCs
Lauren Garten, Thomas Gennett, Paul Ndione, Maikel van Hest, Shruti Aggarwal, Ragiv Singh, Stephan Lany, John Perkins, David Ginley, Mike Toney, Laura Schelhas, Joel Ager, and Cynthia Lo


Leveraging off-stoichiometry to defeat n-type degeneracy in zinc tin nitride
Angela N. Fioretti, Andriy Zakutayev, Eric S. Toberer, and Adele Tamboli

*Updated as of 06/23/17.