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Acoustic cell washing and raman spectroscopy technologies To address cell therapy bioprocess challenges
James M. Piret, Michael Smith Laboratories, Mitchell Braam, Catherine Gordon, Amarandi H. Morales, June Wong, Christopher Sherwood, Stanislav O. Konorov, Shreyas Rangan, Sepehr Kamal, H. Georg Schulze, Timothy Kieffer, Michael W. Blades, and Robin F.B. Turner


Bespoke cell therapy manufacturing platforms - a contradiction in terms?
Eytan Abraham, Yonatan Levinson, Inbar Friedrich Ben-Nun, and Yaling Shi


DMSO-free methods of preserving mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that retain high levels of post thaw function
Kathryn Pollock, Allison Hubel, David H. McKenna, Peter I. Dosa, and Andre J. van Wijnen


Incorporating Quality In Engineered Tissues Using Bottom-Up Niche Assemblies
Ioannis Papantoniou, Gabriella Nilsson Hall, Luis Mendes, Liesbet Geris, and Frank P. Luyten


XENO-Free production and recovery of human pluripotent stem cells using synthetic dissolvable microcarriers
Maria Margarida Diogo, Sara M. Badenes, Sara F. Vieira, and Joaquim M. S. Cabral


Magnetic Ratcheting Cytometry Towards Manafacturing Scale Separations Of “Best In Class” Cart-T Cells
Coleman Murray, Edward Pao, Ximin Chen, Yvonne Chen, and Dino Di Carlo


Enabling Technology For Scalable Manufacturing Of Cell Therapy Products
Brian Lee, Yas Hashimura, Seda Karamil, Francisco Rosello, Kenny Cruz, Nathan Starkweather, Robin Wesselschmidt, and Mattew Croughan


Implications Of The Caacb Virus Contamination In Biomanufacturing Project For Cell Therapy Manufacturers
Paul W. Barone, Michael E. Wiebe, James C. Leung, and Stacy L. Springs


Novel Assays For Immunotherapy Product Characterisation And Potency Measurement
Damian Marshall, Moira Francois, Beata Surmacz-Cordle, Alex Chan, Assa Oumie, and Marc-Olivier Baradez

*Updated as of 07/21/17.