Most Recent Additions*


Conference Program
Eli Keshavarz-Moore and Barry Buckland


Improving biochemical yields with MixoFerm
Shawn W. Jones, Carrissa A. Wiedel, and Bryan P. Tracy


MOMENTUM: Microbial Optimization via Metabolic Network Minimization
Zhixia Ye, Jonathan M. Burg, Murphy R. Poplyk, Eirik A. Moreb, Ashley D. Trahan, Daniel Rodriguez, Wahab Sheikh, Garrett Kelly, Michael D. Lynch, Michelle Luo, and Chase Beisel


Gram Level scFv expression platform of Pichia pastoris
Jen-Wei Chang, Dalton Chen, Wei-Hong Chen, Ming-Hong Cyue, Chih-Hsi Fan, Neng-Hsien Chang, and Wei-Kuang Chi


An integrated strain improvement and process development program for the production of UK-2A, the precursor of the fungicide InatreqTM active
Mark Mikola, Dale Brown, Tom Ramseier, Paul Lewer, Elliot Miller, Babu Raman, Kelly Hill, Paul Speakman, Matt Chase, and Jie Hu


Microbial engineering of new streptomyces sp. from extreme environments for novel antibiotics and anticancer drugs
Juan Asenjo, V. Razmilic, J.F. Castro, J.P. Gomez, A. T. Bull, M. Goodfellow, M. Jaspars, M. Bibb, and B.A. Andrews


Genome-guided methods for discovering new natural product from fungi
Yi Tang, Colin Harvey, and Maureen Hillenmeyer

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