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Conference Program
Jon Binner and Bill Lee


Processing and evaluation of UHTC loaded composites
Carmen Carney, M Cinibulk, and Triplicane Parthasarathy


Ultra high temperature ceramic composite materials
Virtudes Rubio; J Binner; T Ackerman, Ackerman; S Cousinet; N Pommepuy; and X Bertrand


Flash spark plasma sintering of UHTCs
Salvatore Grasso, Theo Saunders, Jon Binner, Ji Zou, Omar Cedillos-Barraza, Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Samuel Humphry-Baker, William E. Lee, Andrew Duff, Thomas Mellan, Michael W. Finnis, Ján Dusza, Richard Sedlák, Tamás Csanádi, Vladimir Girman, and Pavol Hvizdos


Creep of HfB2-based UHTCs up to 2000oC
Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Chenchen Liu, Lun Feng, Salvatore Grasso, Mike Reece, Diego Gomez-Garcia, Arturo Dominguez-Rodriguez, See Hun Lee, and Bill Lee


Theory and simulation of ultra-high-temperature ceramics
Tom Mellan, Theresa Davey, Sam Azadi, Andrew I. Duff, Michael W. Finnis, and Hartree Centre


Uranium nitride-silicide advanced nuclear fuel: Higher efficiency and greater safety
Theodore M. Besmann, Tashiema L. Wilson, Emily E. Moore, Mallikharjuna Bogala, Mark J. Noordhoek, Elizabeth Sooby Wood, Andrew T. Nelson, Jacob W. McMurray, Simon . C. Middleburgh, and Peng Xu


A computational investigation of the phase and microstructural stability in transition metal carbides and nitrides
Christopher R. Weinberger, Xiao-Xiang Yu, Hang Yu, and Gregory Thompson

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