Development of NASA's advanced environmental barrier coatings for SiC/SiC composites: Prime-reliant design and durability perspectives

Conference Dates

November 5-9, 2017


Environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) are considered technologically important because of the critical needs and their ability to effectively protect the turbine hot-section SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composite (CMC) components in harsh engine combustion environments. The development of NASA’s advanced environmental barrier coatings have been aimed at significantly improved the coating system temperature capability, stability, erosion-impact, and CMAS resistance for SiC/SiC turbine airfoil and combustors component applications. The NASA environmental barrier coating developments have also emphasized thermomechanical creep and fatigue resistance in simulated engine heat flux and environments. Experimental results and models for advanced EBC systems will be presented to help establishing advanced EBC composition design methodologies, performance modeling and life predictions, for achieving prime-reliant, durable environmental coating systems for 2700-3000°F engine component applications. Major technical barriers in developing environmental barrier coating systems and the coating integration with next generation composites having further improved temperature capability, environmental stability, EBC-CMC fatigue-environment system durability will be discussed.

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