Measurement of delamination toughness of EBC layer from 2D/3D SIC/SIC substrate: Experiment and analysis

Conference Dates

November 5-9, 2017


Measurement of delamination toughness of EBC from SiC/SiC substrate is important to understand performance of EBC layer. However, only limited methods have been proposed for measurement of the toughness, especially under shear mode. The present study has been focused on the measurement of delamination toughness from SiC/SiC substrate. A simple shear loading methods have been applied to the test. To avoid fracture of SiC/SiC substrate, the substrate is constrained using a hard steel die and to generate shear force at interface compressive load is applied to an edge of EBC layer. The method successfully initiated delamination crack. For conversion of experimental results to delamination toughness, non-uniform stress/strain field of EBC and substrate are problems. Here, FEM analysis of stress/strain distribution in EBC layer is done and the effects of non-uniform stress/strain distribution on delamination toughness and phase angle are obtained. The toughness is strongly affected by the non-uniform stress/strain distribution of EBC layer. Discussions are made on the effect of non-uniform stress/strain on the delamination toughness.

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