July 31-August 4, 2017
Memorial University
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Editors:   Ulf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden
  Norman Wagner, University of Delaware, USA
  Anand Yethiraj, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Ulf Olsson, Norman Wagner, and Anand Yethiraj (Article)

Three components, four phases. What does Gibbs' phase rule state?, Håkan Wennerström (Abstract)

Cellulose association in solution, Ulf Olsson (Abstract)

Light from within: Illuminating the complexity of co-assembly from the inside out, Joris Sprakel (Abstract)

The salt curve revisited - Electrostatic charges govern the viscoelastic properties of micellar solutions, Peter Fischer, Marianne Liebi, Rosanna Pasquino, Joachim Kohlbrecher, and Viviane Lutz-Bueno (Abstract)

Polyelectrolyte/Surfactant complexes (PESCs) – versatile self-assembled systems studied with respect to their structural, dynamical and rheological properties, Michael Gradzielski, Leonardo Chiappisi, Miriam Simon, Bin Dai, Ingo Hoffmann, Philipp Buchold, and Sylvain Prévost (Abstract)

Nature-inspired multi-compartment and multi-layered capsules, Srinivasa R. Raghavan (Abstract)

Morphologies in vesicle-vesicle adhesion, Masayuki Imai, Ryuta Ebihara, Ryuta Ebihara, Yuka Sakuma, and Primoz Ziherl (Abstract)

Solutions with structure for cellular delivery, Cecilia Leal (Abstract)

Drying aqueous colloidal systems: Molecular interactions, self-assembly and homeostatic behavior, Kevin Roger, Emma Sparr, Håkan Wennerström, and Jérôme Crassous (Abstract)

Self-assembly of particles via controlled evaporation, Basavaraja Madivala Gurappa, VR Dugyala, H Lama, Dillip K. Satapathy, and M Mayarani (Abstract)

Swimmer-Microrheology, Shigeyuki Komura, Kento Yasuda, and Ryuichi Okamoto (Abstract)

Joining emulsion droplets using colloidal rods, Paul Clegg, David French, and Katherine Rumble (Abstract)

Surfactant aggregation in hydrophobic ionic liquid to formulate microemulsions for the enhancement of the solubility of enzymes and their catalytic performance, Xirong Huang and Wenjuan Zhang (Abstract)

Field-directed assembly of responsive colloids, Peter Schurtenberger, Priti S. Mohanty, Sofi Nöjd, Jérome J. Crassous, Payam Bagheri, and Anand Yethiraj (Abstract)

Phase behavior of colloid-polymer mixtures with unary or binary depletants, Jacinta C. Conrad and Nayoung Park (Abstract)

Inverse design of interactions for assembly, Thomas M. Truskett (Abstract)

Polymer conformation and dynamics in crowded environments: A combined diffusion NMR and small-angle neutron scattering study, Anand Yethiraj, Swomitra Palit, Arun Yethiraj, and Lilin He (Abstract)

Diffusion of small ligands in complex confining and reactive landscapes: The geometry of chemoreception, Francesco Piazza, Duccio Fanelli, Marta Galanti, and Sergey Traytak (Abstract)

Collective morphologies of the assemblies of the intrinsically disordered proteins of the Nuclear Pore Complex, Anton Zilman, Chad Gu, Andre i Vovk, Michael Opferman, Rob Coalson, David Jasnow, Larisa Kapinos, and Roderick Lim (Abstract)

Adaptive microgels in complexes and at interfaces, Walter Richtering, Dominik Wöll, and Igor Potemkin (Abstract)

Distortion of surfactant lamellar phases with particles and rough interfaces, Adrian R. Rennie, Maja S. Hellsing, and Shirin Nouhi (Abstract)

Multivalent binding and selectivity in cell targeting, molecular recognition and receptor activation, Jure Dobnikar (Abstract)


On the stability of metal nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in liquids, Gerardo Palazzo, Marcella Dell’Aglio, Gabriele Valenza, and Alessandro De Giacomo (Abstract and Presentation)

Non linear physics for early immune recognition, Paul François (Abstract)

Self-association of a highly charged, arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide, Mikael Lund; Giulio Tesei; Mario Vazdar; Carolina Cragnell; Phill E. Mason; Jan Heyda; Marie Skepö; and Pavel Jungwirth, (Abstract)

Protein-protein interactions in lipid membranes: A single particle study of Bcl-2 family proteins, Cécile Fradin, Markus Rose, and Ahmad Mahmood (Abstract)

Phase behavior study of human antibody solution using multi-scale modeling, Limei Xu, Gang Sun, Ying Wang, Aleksey Lomakin, George Benedek, H. Gene Stanley, and Sergey V. Buldyrev (Abstract)

Manifestation of one-patch attractive protein interactions in solution scattering and in solution structures, Malin Zackrisson Oskolkova, (Abstract)


Exploring a new class of effective interactions in crowded environment, Nicoletta Gnan, Nicolas Ariel Garcia, and Emanuela Zaccarelli (Abstract and Presentation)

Polymer-salt-solvent effects on colloidal interactions, Johan Bergenholtz (Abstract)

Can softer junctions lead to stiffer gels? Understanding the role of stereochemistry in associative polymer gels, Surita Bhatia, Xuechen Yin, Bingqian Zheng, Suan P. Quah, David Hewitt, and Robert B. Grubbs (Abstract)

Shear-gradient induced transport and non-local stresses: Non-uniform flow of glasses and gels, Jan K.G. Dhont (Abstract)

Self-assembly in patchy proteins: From transient networks to attractive glasses, Anna Stradner, Jin Suk Myung, Tommy Garting, Felix Roosen-Runge, Peter Schurtenberger, Roland G. Winkler, and Gerhard Gompper (Abstract)

Engineering multi-responsive complex coacervate core micelles for biomedical and materials science applications, Ilja Voets, Christian Sproncken, and Romà Suris i Valls (Abstract)

Structure and hydration of phytoglycogen nanoparticles: Nature's dendrimer, John R. Dutcher, Michael Grossutti, John Atkinson, Hurmiz Shamana, Jonathan Nickels, and John Katsaras (Abstract)

Self-assembly of block copolymers in ionic liquids: Ultrastretchable iono- elastomers with mechanoelectrical response, Norman J. Wagner, Ru Chen, and Carlos R. López-Barrón (Abstract)

Thermoelectrochemistry for harvesting waste heat, Jeffrey J. Black, Leigh Aldous, and Jason B. Harpe (Abstract)

Assembly of colloidal nanocrystals into open networks, Delia J. Milliron; Camila Saez Cabezas,; Amita Singh; Thomas . M. Truskett; Ryan B. Jadrich; and Beth A. Lindquist (Abstract)

In-situ liquid phase imaging of block copolymer vesicle assembly, Hanglong Wu, Alessandro Ianiro, Joseph P. Patterson, Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk, Remco Tuinier, Heiner Friedrich, C. Esteves, A. Catarina, Arthur Keizer, and Mark van Rijt (Abstract)

Tuning cracks by exploiting the shape of particles and external magnetic field, Hisay Lama, Madivala G. Basavaraj, and Dillip K. Satapathy (Abstract)

Studying solution self-assembled morphology and thermal stability of Polysorbate fractions and their implications in micellar degradation via small angle neutron scattering, Jannatun Nayem (Abstract)

Hydrogelation of cyclic peptide amphiphile, colistin, through formation of hierarchically organized structure, Kosuke Morimoto, Satoshi Kanazawa, and Isamu Akiba (Abstract)

Structures and dynamic viscoelastic properties of micelles of mixtures of surfactin with cationic surfactant in aqueous solution, Kazuyuki Ito, Eri Tabata, and Isamu Akiba (Abstract)

Study on relation between spatial distribution and release rate of hydrophobic compounds incorporated in polymer micelles with anomalous small angle X-ray scattering, Shota Sasaki, Ryosuke Nakanishi, and Isamu Akiba (Abstract)

Sensitive biosensors exploiting the minute changes in the capacitance of protein layers associated to the ligand recognition, Gerardo Palazzo, Antonia Mallardi, and Luisa Torsi (Abstract)

Self-assembly of the peptide A10K – Intermediate state in aggregate formation, Axel Rüter, Stefan Kuczera, Luigi Gentile, Karl-Erik Bergquist, and Ulf Olsson (Abstract)

Probing the structure of electrochemically-aggregated collagen, Kristin M. Poduska; Zixian Li,; Erika F. Merschrod; and M. Ramesh Kumar (Abstract)

Nanodroplets and the equation of state of deeply supercooled water, Shahrazad Malek, Peter Poole, and Ivan Saika-Voivod (Abstract)

Deuterium NMR and rheology of microgel colloids at ambient and high pressure, Suhad A. Sbeih, Priti Mohanty, Anand Yethiraj, and Michael Morrow (Abstract)


Multisequence algorithm for coarse-grained biomolecular simulations: Exploring the sequence-structure relationship of proteins, Adekunle Aina and Stefan Wallin (Abstract and Presentation)

Electrorheological responses of soft ionic colloids, Ealisha Jha, Priti S Mohanty, and Anand Yethiraj (Abstract)