Effect of sulfuric acid pre-treatment on the pyrolysis of sewage sludge

Conference Dates

August 20-25, 2017


Thermochemical treatments, such as pyrolysis, appear as interesting methods for valorizing sewage sludge (SS), reducing its volume and producing three product fractions (solid or char, liquid and gas) which could be valuable for energy and/or chemical products. Combining pyrolysis with chemical activation of SS with acids could enable the use of char as an adsorbent material. Besides, SS contains between 2-4 % of phosphorus (P), which makes this residue a potential alternative source of P, currently obtained from a non-renewable source (the phosphate rock). P can be recovered from SS by acid extraction2. As chemical activation and P extraction show some similarities in the operational conditions, a single acid treatment of SS prior to the pyrolysis process could enable both purposes.

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