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August 20-25, 2017


The thermo-catalytic reforming (TCR®) is an endothermic two stage process developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT, able to process biomass and biomass residues with high ash and moisture contents as well as with low ash melting points. The process is a combination of an intermediate pyrolysis reactor and a reforming stage. The pyrolysis stage is typically running at temperatures between 400 and 500 °C and the reforming stage between 600 and 700 °C. In the first stage pyrolysis vapors and biochar are produced. In the second stage the vapors has to pass a continuous removed biochar bed in the reformer where they (the permanent gas as well as the oil) are upgraded. The temperatures can be varied to modify the products yield, quality and properties in specific ranges. The products are a synthesis gas, biochar and an oil-water fraction which can be separated easily. The products have high quality.

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