Post-processing of biochars to enhance plant growth responses: a review and meta-analysis

Conference Dates

September 15-20, 2019


A number of physiochemical processes for post-production treatment of “raw” biochars have been suggested as a means to enhance effectiveness in agronomy, forestry, and environmental restoration. The main processes that have been studied include leaching and water washing, ageing and weathering, heat treatments and aeration, grinding and/or sieving to reduce biochar particle size, and steam activation; additional treatments that have received less attention include production of biochar nano-particles, acid and alkaline treatments, oxidation with reactive oxygen species, pelletization and granulation. In part, post-production processes that have been suggested or are in use are intended to “clean” biochars of liquid- and gas-phase products sorbed during the pyrolysis process; in part post-processing may also increase contact between biochar and soil particles and/or enhance biochar surface area, porosity, and sorption properties.

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