Validation and application of a multiparameter model for the densification of biochar

Conference Dates

September 15-20, 2019


Densification is generally addressed to improve both the mechanical properties and the energy density of biomass feedstock. For such reason, it can also be used for biochar. However, the investigation of larger scales production by smaller academic equipment is not straightforward. It is therefore relevant to have access to models to facilitate a reliable comparison between the two different scales. In 2011, Holm et al. provided and validated a multiparameter model for analyzing industrial wood pelleting by a lab-scale single pellet press1. In 2017, the model was further verified for torrefied wood pelleting by Puig-Arnavat et al2. The intention of the authors of the present study was to prove the suitability of this model for pyrolyzed wood. It may help to understand how the densification process can be optimized at larger scales, especially regarding the forces that act through the pelleting channel, which are often cause of damages. Theoretically the model links the pelleting pressure , that the pellets undergo when ejected out of the channel, to the compression ratio c = x / 2r (where x is the length of the channel and r is its radius) 1. This is described by the equation:

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