Minerals-carbon interaction during biomass pyrolysis: Implications to biochar carbon sequestration and bioenergy

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September 15-20, 2019


Biomass carbon could be sequestrated in form of biochar, an aromatized carbon structure produced by pyrolysis. Minerals are reactive constituents, which could transform species and interact with organic fractions during pyrolysis, significantly affecting the products, biochar and bio-oil. This study reviewed researches by authors recent years related to removing inherent minerals from biomass and doping alkaline and alkaline earth metal (K, Na, Ca and Mg), as well as phosphorus (P) into biomass to understand their influences on carbon (C) retention and C stability in biochar during pyrolysis; How this minerals-doping induces the alteration of primary products in bio-oil? Some conclusions have been drawn by other researchers. It is of great importance that this should be analyzed synthetically with C sequestration in biochar. Some of our key conclusions are as follows:

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