What if electricity from wood costs two-euro cents / kWh and produces high quality charcoal?

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September 15-20, 2019


Among the renewable energy sources to generate electricity, the combustion or gasification of biomass could play an extremely important role in the future. A major reason for its importance is the independence between the time of availability of the energy source and power generation. However, to maintain their importance in the long run, correspondingly low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) are necessary; the technology used must also be able to operate profitably without subsidized renewable energy feed-in tariffs.

The aim of this work is to reduce the LCOE of biomass combined heat and power-plants with a gasification reactor –wood gasification plants in particular – by utilizing or increasing the value of the gasification residue and a favorable input material. Essentially, the gasification residue is refined into a higher quality product so that the charcoal has the properties of an activated carbon (AC). Furthermore, waste wood (untreated pallets and packaging wood) should be treated in such a way that the resulting fractions can be processed in an existing reactor with the floating fixed-bed gasification (FFBG) technology. Therefore, a "Functionalization Unit" (Green Carbon Unit (GCU)) and treatment processes for waste wood are to be developed.

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