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September 15-20, 2019


The proprieties of bio-char, the solid product from biomass pyrolysis, depends on both the feedstock and process conditions during thermochemical conversion[1]. As regards the interaction of the char with soil (i.e. as soil amendment), surface areas, size and shape of pores are among the most important factors to be considered.

[1] P. R. Bonelli , G. Nunell , M. E. Fernández , E. L. Buonomo & A. L. Cukierman

(2012) The Potential Applications of the Bio-char Derived from the Pyrolysis of an Agro-industrial

Waste. Effects of Temperature and Acid-pretreatment, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery,

Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 34:8, 746-755, DOI: 10.1080/15567031003681937

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