Small-scale biochar production on Swedish farms

Conference Dates

September 15-20, 2019


Several small-scale pyrolysis plants have been installed on Swedish farms and the trend is also expanding in the Nordic countries. These projects are driven by ambitions of achieving carbon dioxide removal, reducing environmental impacts and improving farmers’ economy and resilience. The pyrolysis plants are fuelled with either commercial pellets or agricultural residues. The pyrolysis plants co-produce heat for the farm’s buildings, biochar for non-oxidative applications, mostly agricultural ones, and electricity in some cases. In the Nordic context, on-farm biochar production potential is thus linked to energy consumption. The main research question investigated is whether farms producing biochar can meet their own biochar needs in an energy-efficient way. The research also provides insights on how biochar production at various scales, centralized and decentralized, can be integrated in a given landscape.

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