Farm and laboratory size biochar and heat coproduction in reducing atmosphere compact autothermal pyrolysis reactor

Conference Dates

September 15-20, 2019


Local production of the biochar (BC) at the farm level remains unresolved regarding technology and operation/business model. A new patented technical solution of coproduction BC and heat in a Reducing Atmosphere (BC&H-RA) [1] as a compact autothermal pyrolysis reactor/boiler enters the market. The device covers a niche market of smaller size (5-50 kg/h of BC) [2, 4] production units offering fully automatic all day (24 h) operation with all ecological features of flue/exhaust gases. Fully automatic operation provides BC acc. to EBC quality standard from standard wood chips (BS-EN-ISO 17225) of wide particle sizes up to 45 mm of diameter. Under presented conditions, farm size reactor/boiler use 20 kg/h of BM (wood chips) or 1.7 m3 per day and produce 5 kg/h of BC or approx. 0.8 m3 per day at 26 kW continuous thermal output.

A possible implementation of alternative biomasses (BM) needs to be tested to assure BC - EBC quality with some corrections of process parameters. Compact pyrolysis unit can be installed as a domestic boiler producing hot water (max 90/70 ºC regime) and BC in big bags.

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