July 16-20, 2017
The Duke Marriott Newport Beach
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Editors:   Wilfred Chen, University of Delaware, USA
  Nicole Borth, Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna, Austria
  Stefanos Grammatikos, UCB Pharma, Belgium

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Wilfred Chen, Nicole Borth, and Stefanos Grammatikos (Article)

Engineered ligand and receptor based fusion proteins as next generation cancer therapeutics, Jennifer R. Cochran (Abstract)

Nature inspired antibody design and optimization, Peter Tessier, Kathryn Tiller, Lilia Rabia, Mark Julian, Lijuan Li, Seth Ludwig, Shekhar Garde, Ratul Chowdhury, Costas Maranas, and Sandeep Kumar (Abstract)


Application of phage display and plasmid display to broaden the specificity of human Fbs1 for capture of N-glycosylated peptides, James C. Samuelson (Abstract and Presentation)

Computational redesign of acyl-ACP thioesterase with improved selectivity towards medium chain fatty acids at high production levels, Costas D. Maranas, Matthew J. Grisewood, Néstor J. Hernandez Lozada, and Brian F. Pfleger (Abstract)

Compuchtational prediction of expression and solubility of recombinant biopharmaceuticals, Alan Dickson, Jim Warwicker, Manuel Carballo Amador, and Swee Jiun Fu (Abstract)

Engineering high titer heterologous protein secretion in bacteria, Danielle Tullman-Ercek (Abstract)

Intended insoluble expression of recombinant protein with a pull-down tag in E. coli for simplifying product purification and increasing yield, Daniel Hoffmann, Doreen Heerd, and Peter Czermak (Abstract)

Establishing cell-free synthetic biology for the production of therapeutic glycoproteins and chemicals, Mike Jewett (Abstract)

DNA damage, neurodegeneration and mitochondrial dysfunction, Vilhelm A. Bohr (Abstract)

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)-Vaccines: Engineering immunogenicity, Marty Moore (Abstract)

Bioprocess engineering of insect cells for accelerating vaccines development, Paula Alves, Ana Teixeira, Cristina Peixoto, António Roldão, Manuel Carrondo, and Marco Patrone (Abstract)

AAV gene therapy for alcoholism: Inhibition of mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme expression in hepatoma cells, Anamaria C. Sanchez, Chengwen Li, Jude Samulski, Barbara Andrews, and Juan A. Asenjo (Abstract)

Novel approaches to prevent and treat pertussis, Jennifer Maynard, Annalee W. Nguyen, Andrea diVenere, Josh Laber, Roman Wolf, James Papin, Sheila Connelly, and Michael Kaleko (Abstract)

Engineering the adenylate cyclase toxin for use as a Bordetella pertussis vaccine antigen, Andrea M. DiVenere (Abstract)

Toward the identification of cellular mechanisms behind the lethal phenotypes in malaria parasites blood stages with PlasmoGEM and metabolic modeling, Anush Chiappino-Pepe, Ellen Bushell, Julian C. Rayner, Oliver Billker, and Vassily Hatzimanikatis (Article)

Next generation antibody and TCR therapeutics for infectious disease, Ellen K. Wagner, Ahlam Qerqez, Jennifer Maynard, and Annalee Nguyen (Abstract)

Overcoming challenges in the production of Hepatitis C virus like particles, Manuel Carrondo, Hugo Soares, Rute Castro, Ana Isabel Almeida, and Ana Sofia Coroadinha (Abstract)

From physics to synthetic biology & entrepreneurship, Noah Helman (Abstract)

Viral vectorology for gene therapy, Paula Alves (Abstract)

Opportunities and challenges in therapeutics discovery and development, George Georgiou (Abstract)

Opportunities for collective advancement in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing community, Kelvin H. Lee (Abstract)

The European biochemical engineer: Extinct? Endangered? Mutated?, Stefanos Grammatikos (Abstract)

Exosome-based Biotherapeutics: Opportunities, development and path to commercialization, Konstantin Konstantinov (Abstract)

A continuous loop of bioreactors to provide for life support in space, Francesc Godia, Enrique Peiro, Carolina Arnau, David García, Laura Alemany, Laurent Poughon, Claude-Gilles Dussap, Olivier Gerbi, Brigitte Lamaze, and Chistophe Lasseur (Abstract)

Acoustic cell concentration, washing & perfusion for cellular therapy manufacturing, James Piret, Felix Trampler, Plamen Kostov, Michael Smith Laboratories, Mitchell Braam, Catherine Gordon, Amarandi H. Morales, June Wong, Christopher Sherwood, Niki Sabour, and Fariborz Taghipour (Abstract)

A disruptive alternative to semi-continuous multi-column chromatography processes, Michael Rose, Chris Le Page, and Mark Pearce Higgins (Abstract)

Sensitive cells: Enabling tools for static and dynamic control of microbial pathways, Mattheos Koffas (Abstract)

Advancing downstream purification of cell and gene therapy medicinal products, Manuel JT Carrondo, Ricardo Silva, Sofia Carvalho, Cristina Peixoto, and Paula M. Alves (Abstract)

Glucocorticoids modulate CHO cell glycosylation in chemically-defined media, Brian Kwan, William Buggele, and Wai Lam Ling (Abstract)

Process intensification for production of a peste des petites ruminants virus (PPRV) vaccine, Paula Alves, Manuel Carrondo, Alexander Tappe, António Roldão, and Marcos Sousa (Abstract)

Development of CRISPR-derived technologies for genome regulation and applications, Stanley Qi (Abstract)

Rational sRNA design for strain engineering, Lydia Contreras (Abstract)

Elimination of the “essential” Warburg effect in mammalian cells through a multiplex genome engineering strategy, Nathan Lewis (Abstract)

Host cell protein control via CHO genome engineering, Jong Youn Baik and Kelvin H Lee (Abstract)

Generation of a Chinese Hamster Ovary cell genome-wide deletion library, Valerie Schmieder, Vaibhav Jadhav, Helene Faustrup Kildegaard, and Nicole Borth (Abstract)

Transcriptomic signatures classifying CHO Quasispecies, Ankita Singh, Helene F. Kildegaard, and Mikael R. Andersen (Abstract)

Genome engineering technologies for programming and recoding organisms, Farren Isaacs (Abstract)

From concept to implementation: How automation enables efficiency gains in cell culture process development, Sven Markert (Abstract)

Alternative strategy enables automation of up- and downstream processes for recombinant production of an antimicrobial peptide in E. coli, Mathias Joachim, Doreen Heerd, and Peter Czermak (Abstract)

High-throughput and miniaturized resin reuse studies, Razwan Hanif and Mariangela Spitali (Abstract)

High throughput upstream ranging study using AMBR® 250 mini bioreactors with DOE and multivariate data analysis (MVDA), Balrina Gupta, John Bowers, Tom Huang, Sen Xu, and Hao Chen (Abstract)

Facing the challenges – A miniaturized platform for integrated process development of products from microbial hosts, Astrid Dürauer, Cornelia Walther, Matthias Berkemeyer, and Cécile Brocard (Abstract)

Use of AMBR250 as a small scale model for manufacturing-scale single-use bioreactors, Diana Ritz, Jonathan Raley, Kevin Huff, Janice Fernandez, Jonathan Wu, Zheng Pu, Doug Marsh, Steve Warr, Andrew Read, Gary Finka, and Pramthesh Patel (Abstract)

Managing transfer and scale-up of a process with atypical impact of dissolved oxygen concentration on productivity and product quality, Gayle E. Derfus, Brian Doyle, Stephen Hsu, Delyan Rusev, and Rajesh Krishnan (Abstract)

An ultra-scale-down method to predict diafiltration performance during formulation of concentrated mAb solutions, Lara Fernandez-Cerezo, Andrea Rayat, Alex Chatel, Michael Hoare, and Jennifer Pollard (Abstract)

Design principles for control of metabolism: Role of enzymatic regulation, redundancy and orthogonality, Krishna Mahadevan (Abstract)

Synthetic biology platforms for natural product biosynthesis and discovery, Christina Smolke (Abstract)

Design of bioswitches for synthetic biology, An-Ping Zeng and Chengwei Ma (Abstract)

Engineering cyanobacteria for use as photosynthetic chemical factories, Brian Pfleger (Abstract)

Post-translational strategies for enhancing biosynthetic pathway expression and activity, Ian Wheeldon, Jie Zhu, Cory Schwartz, and Aaron Lin (Abstract)

Engineering xylose metabolism in Thraustochytrid T18, Alexandra Merkx-Jacques, Holly Rasmussen, Denise Muise, Jeremy Benjamin, Haila Kottwitz, Kaitlyn Tanner, Roberto Armenta, and David Woodhall (Abstract)

Filling the knowledge gap in metabolism for analyzing biochemical reactions and designing synthetic pathways, Vassily Hatzimanikatis, Anush Chiappino, Homa Mohamadai, Jasmin Hafner, and Noushin Hadadi (Article)

A CRISPR/Cas9 based engineering tool to activate expression of multiple genes individually or in any specific combination, Peter Eisenhut, Gerald Klanert, Marcus Weinguny, Daniel Ivansson, and Nicole Borth (Abstract)

Introducing new functions into (and onto) virus-like particles, M.G. Finn, Liangjun Zhao, Jiri Schimer, Christian Scheibe, and Jason Fiedler (Abstract)

Human-cell microparticles for cell-therapy and cargo delivery to stem cells, Terry Papoutsakis, Chen-Yuan Kao, and Christian Escobar (Abstract)

Supramolecular bioenzyme ensemble: Widening of antioxidant protective potential, Alexander V. Maksimenko (Abstract)

Electrogenetic actuation of gene expression in bacteria: Towards programmable biological function based on molecular signaling, William Bentley, Tanya Tschirhart, Eunkyong Kim, and Gregory F. Payne (Abstract)

Protein nanocage: A versatile molecular carrier, Sierin Lim (Abstract)

Engineering human physiology: Discovery and preclinical/clinical development of therapeutic proteins in an academic setting, George Georgiou (Abstract)

Metabolic engineering of yeast for the synthesis of fatty acid and polyketide-based chemicals, Nancy Da Silva (Abstract)

Production of biochemicals and biofuels with no CO2 production and improved product yields, Shawn W. Jones, Pradeep C. Munasinghe, Biniam Maru, John R. Phillips, and Bryan P. Tracy (Abstract)

Genes to jeans: A green solution to blue denim, John E. Dueber (Abstract)

Cyclic triterpenoid production with tailored Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Birgitta E. Ebert, Eik Czarnotta, Kerstin Walter, Lars M. Blank, Jochen Förster, Christoph Knuf, Simo A. Jacobsen, Jérôme Maury, Christine Lang, Thomas Polakowski, and Anna Lewandowski (Abstract and Presentation)

Succinic acid production from pulp and paper industry waste - A transcriptomic approach, Chrysanthi Pateraki, Georgios Karalias, Dimitrios Skliros, and Apostolis Koutinas (Abstract)

A synthetic regulon enhances the fitness of yeast on non-native nutrients, Nikhil Nair and Venkatesh E. Gopinaraynan (Abstract)

Rerouting acetyl-CoA and NADPH to improve lipid and oleochemical production in Yarrowia lipolytica, Peng Xu (Abstract)

Engineered polyketide synthases: Molecular foundries for commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, and biofuels, Jay Keasling (Abstract)

ABC for GRASPing enzyme kinetics in metabolic models, Lars Keld Nielsen and Pedro Saa (Abstract)

Predictive macroscopic models of cell growth, metabolism and monoclonal antibody production of fed-batch processes at various scales, Bassem Ben Yahia, Laetitia Malphettes, Boris Gourevitch, and Elmar Heinzle (Abstract)

Novel stable isotope methods to identify flux bottlenecks in photosynthetic hosts, Jamey Young (Abstract)

Genome-scale mapping models and algorithms for stationary and instationary MFA-based metabolic flux elucidation, Saratram Gopalakrishnan and Costas D. Maranas (Abstract)

Automated, simulation-assisted and feedback-guided biomolecular engineering, Uwe Jandt, Samira Hezaveh, Matthias Wurm, Aníbal Mora, Sibel Ilhan, and An-Ping Zeng (Abstract)

Risk mitigation and resource savings for biological drug product with computational fluid dynamics simulation, Weixian Shi (Abstract)

REMI: Constraint-based method for integrating relative expression and relative metabolite levels into a thermodynamically consistent metabolic model, Vikash Pandey and Vassily Hatzimanikatis, (Abstract)

Investigating crowded metabolism: A molecular particle approach, Daniel Robert Weilandt and Vassily Hatzimanikatis (Article)

Synthetic pre-metastatic niches for detection and analysis of early metastatic cells, Lonnie D. Shea (Abstract)

The use of intrinsic magnetization to define and separate glioblastoma cancer stem cells, Jeff Chalmers, Kyoung-Joo Jenny Park, Maciej Zborowski, and Monica Venere (Abstract)

Isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells in esophagus squamous cell carcinoma, Pei-Jung Lu (Abstract)

Scalable manufacture of pluripotent stem cell derived therapeutics, Nick Timmins and Gary Pigeau (Abstract)

The differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to hepatic cells – Parallels between maturation status and metabolic state, Wei-Shou Hu, David Chau, Tung Le, and Yonsil Park (Abstract)

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to design and characterize a microfluidic bioreactor for rapid release of culture-derived platelets, William Miller, Andres F. Martinez, and Richard D. McMahon (Abstract)

Process intensification for production of a Peste des Petites Ruminants Virus (PPRV) vaccine, Manuel Carrondo, Alexander Tappe, and Marcos Sousa (Abstract)

Glucocorticoids modulate CHO cell glycosylation in chemically-defined media, Brian Kwan, William Buggele, and Wai Lam Ling (Abstract)

Fractionation of human red blood cells based on intrinsic magnetization, Jeff Chalmers, Kyoung-Joo Jenny Park, Andre Palmer, and Maciej Zborowski (Abstract)

Characterization of anaerobic biotransformation of β-hexachlorocyclohexane, Mohammad Numan Asad, Yaqing Liu, and Ivonne Nijenhuis (Abstract)

Nanofiber based lentiviral vector production, Jelena Ruscic,; Christopher Perry; Daniel G. Bracewell; Tarit Mukhopadhyay; and Yasu Takeuchi (Abstract)

Periodic counter-current chromatography for continuous purification of monoclonal antibody, Ho-Lung Jiang, Yue-Chang Chou, San-Cher Chen, Ching-Jen Yang, I-Ling Kou, and Wei-Kuang Chi (Abstract and Presentation)

Application of 13C flux analysis to determine impacts of media alterations on industrial CHO cell metabolism, Allison G. McAtee Pereira, Jason Walther, Myles Hollenbach, Irina Trenary, and Jamey D. Young (Abstract)

Utilizing logic-gated DNA strand displacement to induce cancer prodrug activation, Rebecca P. Chen and Wilfred Chen (Abstract)

Interference of steroidogenesis by gold nanorod core/silver shell nanostructures: Implications for reproductive toxicity of silver nanomaterials, Xiumei Jiang, Liming Wang, Chunying Chen, Xiaochun Wu, and Jun-Jie Yin (Abstract)

Biosafey evaluation and anti-oxidative effects of ceria nanoparticles in vitro, Hui Zhang, Jun-Jie Yin, and Xiumei Jiang (Abstract)

PP7 virus-like particle as a functional peptide carrying platform, Liangjun Zhao and M.G. Finn (Abstract)

Engineering of Klebsiella oxytoca capable of simultaneous utilization of multiple sugars for the production of 2, 3- Butanediol, Yong Jae Kim, Ki Jun Jeong, and Yong Keun Chang (Abstract)

Complete biosynthesis of adipic acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Kaushik Raj Venkatesan, Radhakrishnan Mahadevan, Alexander Yakunin, Siavash Partow, Anna Khusnutdinova, and Jeong Chan Joo (Abstract)

Structural and biochemical studies of novel Aldo-keto Reductases (AKRs) for the biocatalytic conversion of 3-hydroxybutanal to 1,3-butanediol, Taeho Kim, Robert Flick, Joseph Brunzelle, Alex Singer, Elena Evdokimova, Greg Brown, Jeong Chan Joo, George A. Minasov, Wayne F. Anderson, Radhakrishnan Mahadevan, Alexei Savchenko, and Alexander F. Yakunin (Abstract)

Discovery and evaluation of novel pathways for production of methyl ethyl ketone, Milenko Tokic, Noushin Hadadi, Meric Ataman, Ljubisa Miskovic, Vassily Hatzimanikatis, Birgitta Ebert, and Lars Blank (Article)

Optimization of the production of methyl ethyl ketone in recombinant Pseudomonas putida using large-scale kinetic models, Milenko Tokic, Ljubisa Miskovic, Vassily Hatzimanikatis, and Meric Ataman (Article)

Toward fully characterized knowledge gaps in metabolic networks: Discovery of missing biochemistry in Escherichia coli, Anush Chiappino-Pepe, Meriç Ataman, Noushin Hadadi, and Vassily Hatzimanikatis (Article)

Synthetic methylotrophy: Engineering methanol metabolism in a nonnative host, R. Kyle Bennett and Eleftherios T. Papoutsakis (Abstract)