Advancing downstream purification of cell and gene therapy medicinal products

Conference Dates

July 16-20, 2017


The advent of advanced therapies in the biopharmaceutical industry has moved the spotlight into complex products such as viral vectors or stem cells, holding great promise in a myriad of clinical targets. Currently, the challenge for a widespread application of these new biopharmaceuticals is the development of cost-effective bioprocesses while maintaining product's bioactivity and quality attributes. This presentation will focus on the latest advancements on downstream purification of cell and gene therapy medicinal products, supported by process innovation and the flexibility of old, but robust technologies such as tangential flow filtration (TFF) and chromatography. Improvement of purification yields of virus based biopharmaceuticals can be achieved through the rational development of alternative strategies, combining different modes of operation, such as flow through purification or multi-column chromatography, together with the recent developments of chromatographic media and fundamental understanding of the adsorption phenomena as reported for the case of gene therapy medicinal products. Critical quality attributes of cell based medicinal products cannot be compromised by the processing route chosen. The use of the already established TFF technology has the potential to improve the purity of cell based products, with the evaluation of critical process parameters of cell concentration and washing being of paramount importance. The purity of such products can also be incremented with the use of negative mode expanded bed adsorption chromatography with a new multimodal prototype matrix based on core–shell bead technology as demonstrated for the case of human mesenchymal stem cells. In summary, the advancement of the purification of complex biopharmaceutical entities, such as the ones here reported, can be described as an incremental process, but still with space for inno

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