Opportunities for collective advancement in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing community

Conference Dates

July 16-20, 2017


Technology innovation, workforce development, and regulatory advancement have been a hallmark of the industry for the past several decades. As the industry continues to expand, mature and evolve, there are new opportunities for shared risk in technology innovation, for partnerships to facilitate training, and for new approaches to engage with health authorities. It can be argued that collaborative efforts in this space, done appropriately, can 1) reduce the burden and investment that would otherwise be required by individual organizations to advance their technology needs and address issues with speed, quality, and cost; 2) refocus academic faculty on the training of students who are better prepared for industry careers; and 3) help faculty better understand the current technology needs of existing industry. Collaborate public-private partnerships offer one way to bring stakeholders together as well as pay for relevant activities. This presentation is intended to catalyze a discussion regarding the opportunities and challenges associated with collaborative technology development and will include a discussion about the ways that stakeholders may collaborate to create opportunities for the biopharmaceutical industry, government, and academic partners.

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