Opportunities and challenges in therapeutics discovery and development

Conference Dates

July 16-20, 2017


The health care industries represent by a wide margin the most significant employment opportunity for biochemical engineers. Nonetheless, there is an increasing disconnect between the research priorities of academic institutions and funding agencies on the one hand and the problems and skillsets that are most relevant for success in R&D within the biopharmaceuticals industry and other areas related to human health. Examples of important skillsets for biopharmaceuticals, in addition to bioprocessing (upstream and downstream), includes advanced bioanalytical methods, understanding of pharmacodynamics, appreciation of regulatory hurdles, preclinical models & toxicology etc. This presentation will discuss our model at UT Austin for biologics discovery and early development in the academic setting. This includes building academic-industrial partnership to perform academic, hypothesis-driven research that is fully aligned with therapeutics development. As part of their training and research work, students working on related projects gain valuable experience in biopharmaceutical industry-relevant skillsets.

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