July 14-18, 2019
Fairmont Tremblant
Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Editors:   Christina Chan, Michigan State University, USA
  Mattheos Koffas, RPI, USA
  Steffen Schaffer, Evonik Industries, Germany
  Rashmi Kshirsagar, Biogen, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Christina Chan, Mattheos Koffas, Steffen Schaffer, and Rashmi Kshirsagar (Article)

Back to the future: A back and forth manufacturing process journey from monoclonal antibodies to viral vectors for cell and gene therapy, Rene Gantier, Todd Sanderson, Mark Schofield, John Welsh, and Mike Collins (Abstract)

Living Bacterial Hydrogels as Therapeutic Biomaterials, Noemie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne (Abstract)

Optimization of E. coli SoluProTM using synthetic biology to a generate a high performance chassis microbe for scalable production of protein therapeutics, Johan A. Kers (Abstract)

Computational methods for cell culture media optimization and product quality control, Wai Lam Ling, Gaurav Chauhan, Neil Templeton, Marina Dawoud, and Taha Salim (Abstract)

The separation of red blood cells based solely on intrinsic magnetization: Clinical and commercial implications, Jeff Chalmers, James Kim, Jenifer Gomez Pastora, and Mitchel Weigand (Abstract)

Encapsulation bioprocesses for diabetes cellular therapy, Corinne Hoesli (Abstract)

Development of phospho-tau specific antibodies: Validation and engineering of specificity, Yongku P. Cho and Dan Li (Abstract)

Lessons from the Iron Ring, Sandra Poole (Abstract)

Engineering next generation therapeutics to combat infectious diseases, Jennifer Maynard (Abstract)

Designing an artificial Golgi reactor for cell-free glycosylation, Ignacio Moya Ramírez, Elli Makrydaki, Karen Marie Polizzi, Ignacio Moya Ramirez, Laura Bouché, and Stuart Haslam (Abstract)

Inhibition of productive/competitive endocytic pathways enhances siRNA delivery and cell specific targeting, S Patrick Walton, Daniel Vocelle, and Christina Chan (Abstract)

Developing the calcium-dependent conformational behavior of the RTX peptide domain for novel protein capture and recovery applications, Scott Banta (Abstract)

CRISPR-guided DNA polymerase enabling diversification of all nucleotides in a tunable window, John Dueber, Shakked Halperin, David Schaffer, and Connor Tou (Abstract)

Small-molecule biosensors for high-throughput metabolic engineering, Michael K. Jensen, Tim Snoek, Evan K. Chaberski, Francesca Ambri, Ditte H. Welner, and Jay. D Keasling (Abstract)

High-throughput enzyme engineering for commercial-scale production of natural products, Jacy Humphries and Victoria Hsiao (Abstract)

Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum to produce the biogasoline isopentenol from plant biomass hydrolysates, Thomas T. Eng, Yusuke Sasaki, Jessica Trinh, Yan Chen, Blake Simmons, Christopher J. Petzold, Robin Herbert, Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, Alberto Rodriguez, and John Gladden (Abstract)

Yarrowia lipolytica: A versatile microbial workhorse for expanding nature’s biosynthetic capacity, Peng Xu, Huan Liu, Monireh Marsafari, Zhiliang Yang, Yongkun Lv, and Yang Gu (Abstract)

Solution of the multi-step assembly of catharanthus roseus anticancer alkaloids, Vincenzo De Luca and Yang Qu (Abstract)

Plant cell culture platforms for production of bioscavengers for biodefense, Karen McDonald, Jasmine M. Corbin, Kantharakorn Macharoen, Zachary R. Kyser, Sara Sukenick, and Somen Nandi (Abstract)

Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for high level production of aromatic chemicals, Yun Chen (Abstract)

Engineered metabolic pathways for the microbial synthesis of plant natural products, Ramon Gonzalez (Abstract)

Tailoring Corynebacterium glutamicum towards efficient production of plant polyphenols, Jan Marienhagen, Lars Milke, and Nicolai Kallscheuer (Abstract)

A Novel Anti-diabetic Metabolite from Plants: Biosynthesis, Gene Discovery, and Metabolic Engineering of Montbretin A, Jörg Bohlmann; Sandra Irmisch; Seohyun Jo; Christopher R. Roach,; Sharon Jancsik; Macaire Man Saint Yuen; and Stephen G. Withers (Abstract)

Evolution of a modular, multi-functional targeted delivery nanoparticle, James Swartz, Marcus Rohovie, Rinchu Mathew, and Maya Nagasawa (Abstract)

A platform technology for dynamic control of cell behavior, Laura Segatori (Abstract)

New synthetic biology tools for dynamic modulation of cellular phenotypes, Wilfred Chen (Abstract)

Recording temporal data with minutes resolution into DNA, Keith Tyo, Namita J. Bhan, Jon Strutz, Reza Kalhor, Joshua Glaser, Edward Boyden, Konrad Kording, and George Church (Abstract)

Developing and applying a microdroplet co-cultivation and omics toolbox for elucidating complex microbiomes, Nina Lin (Abstract)

Exploiting anaerobic consortia as new tools for biomass breakdown and sustainable chemistry, Michelle O’Malley (Abstract)

Direct cell-to-cell exchange of matter in synthetic clostridium syntrophies enabling CO2 fixation and an expanded metabolic space., Terry Papoutsakis, Kamil Charubin, Jonathan Otten, and Hannah Streett (Abstract)

Design, construction and application of E. coli - C. glutamicum synthetic consortia, Volker Wendisch (Abstract)

Genome editing and synthesis platforms which facilitate the Construction of cell factories, Akihiko Kondo (Abstract)

Metabolomics process modeling: A systems biology approach to understand variability in commercial biologics cell culture processes, Amanda Lewis, Sophia Liu, Jan Lucas Ott, Eric Garr, Bethanne Warrack, and Michael Reily (Abstract)

Applying metabolic models for control in order to enhance algal growth and lipid production, Mike Betenbaugh, Yiqun Chen, Michael Betenbaugh, Richard Eng, Cristal Zuñiga, and Karsten Zengler (Abstract)

An adaptive laboratory evolution platform for strain construction and engineering parts, Adam Feist (Abstract)

Validation and stabilization of a prophage lysin of Clostridium perfringens by yeast surface display and co-evolutionary models, Ben Hackel and Seth Ritter (Abstract)

Unraveling the metabolic and machinery constraints on protein secretion through a novel systems biology framework, Nathan Lewis (Abstract)

Optogenetics for intracellular codebreaking: How ERK dynamics control gene expression and cell fate, Jared Toettcher (Abstract)

Manipulating phenotypes by epigenetic mechanism, Nicole Borth (Abstract)

High-throughput multicolor optogenetics for the systematic manipulation of cell behavior, Lukasz Bugaj, Xin Xiong, and Wendell Lim (Abstract)

Optogenetic modulation of insulin function in pancreatic beta-cells, Emmanuel Tzanakakis, Fan Zhang, and Sameer Sonkusale (Abstract)

Towards electrogenetics: Integrating biofabrication, synthetic biology, and microelectronics, Bill Bentley (Abstract)


K-FIT: Parameterizing kinetic models of metabolism using multiple fluxomic datasets, Costa Maranas (Abstract and Presentation)


The statistics of directed evolution: From library generation to high throughput screens, Keith Tyo (Abstract and Presentation)

Establishing a Novel Cell Therapy Platform: Synthetic Biology and Bioprocess Considerations for Rational Therapeutic Development, Spencer Fisk (Abstract)

Personal reflections on an entrepreneurial path, Jonathan Dordick (Abstract)

Adventures and lessons in start-up land, Kenneth Reardon (Abstract)

A tale of three companies, James Swartz (Abstract)

Biochemical engineering under stress: from plants to people to products, Jonathan Dordick (Abstract)

CO2 as carbon source for microbial production of bio-based, Dirk Weuster-Botz (Abstract)

Increased yield and productivity for the conversion of algal biomass carbohydrates, Kenneth F. Reardon and Xingfeng Huang (Abstract)

Bioswitches and robotics for systems metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of hyper microbial production strain, An-Ping Zeng (Abstract)

Scaling up E. coli from the lab to industrial conditions: Lessons learned to engineer robust processes and production hosts, Ralf Takors (Abstract)

Challenges and successes in technology scale up, Jason Bromley and Robert Conrado (Abstract)

Engineering yeast for the high-level synthesis of polyketide biobased chemicals, Nancy DaSilva (Abstract)

Engineering of an environmental isolate of bacillus megaterium for biochemical production under supercritical CO2, Kristala Jones Prather, Jason T. Boock, Adam J. E. Freedman, Geoffrey Tompsett, Michael T. Timko, and Janelle R. Thompson (Abstract)

Optogenetics as a new paradigm for dynamic control in metabolic engineering, Jose Avalos, Jared Toettcher, and Evan Zhao (Abstract)

Microbial synthetic biology, Sang Woo Seo (Abstract)

Bioconversion of levulinic acid to methyl-ethyl ketone via a novel catabolic pathway, Brian Pfleger (Abstract)

Much-efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of antibody biotherapeutics employing integrated negative chromatography technology, Mariangela Spitali, Razwan Hanif, Nicola Roberts, Tara Lansink, Anna Trzuskolas, and Chad Zhang (Abstract)

Effect of over expressing protective antigen on global gene transcription in Bacillus anthracis BH500, Joseph Shiloach, Ashish Sharma, Stephen H. Leppla, and Andrei P. Pomerantsev (Abstract)

Inhibition of productive/competitive endocytic pathways enhances siRNA delivery and cell specific targeting, S. Patrick Walton, Daniel Vocelle, and Christina Chan (Abstract)

Cell communication network factor 4 (ccn4/wisp1) shifts Melanoma cells from a fragile proliferative to a resilient metastatic state and suppresses immune surveillance, David Klinke, Wentao Deng, and Audry Fernandez (Abstract)


Biologicalisation: A nature-based digital manufacturing revolution, William Whitford (Abstract and Presentation)

Conditional protein rescue (CPR) by binding-induced protective shielding, Andrew Gaynor and Wilfred Chen (Abstract)

Utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 to identify chromosomal loci, Corey Kretzmer, Mike Johns, and Trissa Borgschulte (Abstract)

HOF freeze-thaw technology implementation for biologics bulk drug substance at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Manoj Sharma, Cody Simmons, and Itzcoatl Pla (Abstract)

Low-cost and user-friendly biosensor to test the integrity of mRNA molecules suitable for field applications, Ignacio Moya Ramírez, Cleo Kontoravdi, and Karen Marie Polizzi (Abstract)

Alternative transfection methods for Sf9 cells in vaccine development, Abasha Williams, Daniel Schankel, Elizabeth Scheideman, Frank Arnold, and Elle Millender (Abstract)

Improving the efficiency of human neural stem cell differentiation by targeting transcription factors TBR1 and TBR2 with CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, Kevin Chen (Abstract)

Automated high-throughput and miniaturized semi-continuous chromatography, Razwan Hanif, Michael Rose, and Mariangela Spitali (Abstract)

High-throughput application of metabolic flux analysis for investigation of mammalian cell culture performance, Christine Davis and Jacqueline Gonzalez (Abstract)

Characterization of catalytic α-1,3-glucanase isozymes from Paenibacillus glycanilyticus FH11 by using Brevibacillus system; Essential for suppression of Streptococcus mutans biofilms, Rattanaporn Intuy, Hibi Takao, Itoh Takafumi, Suyotha Wasana, Yano Shigekazu, and Mamoru Wakayama (Abstract)

Implementing dynamic formaldehyde regulation in E. coli for synthetic methylotrophy, Julia Rohlhill, Bryan von Hagel, Eleftherios Papoutsakis, and R. Kyle Bennett (Abstract)

Modular design of heterologous pathways for portability across diverse microorganisms, Julie Chaves, Timkhite-Kulu Berhane, Adam Guss, Joshua K. Michener, and Joshua Elmore (Abstract)

A cold-active rubisco without small subunit exhibits the highest turnover number towards CO2, Zhen Cai, Junli Zhang, Jie Zhou, Wei Zhang, Fan Yang, Yin Li, and Guoxia Liu (Abstract)

Identifying functional roles of SNPs using metabolic networks for improved plant breeding, Costas Maranas and Debolina Sarkar (Abstract)

Chemically induced dimerization modules as a platform for plant biosensor engineering, Paul J. Steiner, Matthew A. Bedewitz, Angélica V. Medina-Cucurella, Jesús Beltrán, Sean R. Cutler, Jingde Qiu, and Timothy A. Whitehead (Abstract)

Optimization of benzylisoquinoline alkaloid synthesis in yeast, Lauren Narcross, Vincent J.J Martin, Kaspar Kevvai, and Michael E. Pyne (Abstract)

Towards the development of a yeast-based opioid biosensor, Bjorn Bean (Abstract)

Utilisation of dielectric spectroscopy to measure live biomass as a PAT tool for continuous manufacturing and other applications, Aditya Bhat (Abstract)

Compartment-specific metabolome analysis reveals the tight link between IgG1 formation and necessarily high mitochondrial shuttle activities in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, Ralf Takors, Lisa Junghans, Andy Wiranata Wijaya, and Attila Teleki (Abstract)


Advanced technologies and computational modeling in continuous bioprocessing Heather Brooke, Pall Corporation, USA, Heather Brooke and Edita Botonjic-Sehic (Abstract and Presentation)

Engineering ClpS for enhanced N-terminal amino acid binding and use in peptide sequencing, Jennifer Tullman, Nicholas Callahan, Zvi Kelman, and John Marino (Abstract)

PoreDesigner: A computational tool for the design of membrane pores for separations, Costas Maranas, Ratul Chowdhury, and Manish Kumar (Abstract)

Fermentative oxidation of butane in bubble column reactors, Andreas Liese, Frederic Perz, Paul Bubenheim, Gerrit Sluyter, Susanne Leuchs, Felix Nissen, Oliver Thum, and Bastian Grund (Abstract)

High throughput investigation of vanillin toxicity to yeast using ambr15 microbioreactors and flow cytometry, Victoria Haritos, Nguyen Ho, Ankita Suri, and Huadong Peng (Abstract)

Using a multi-omics systems biology approach to enhance CHO platform process understanding, Laura Leahy, Hima Yalamanchili, Amr Ali, Krishnakumar Malu, and Yizhou Zhou (Abstract)

Metabolomics approach for increasing CHO cell specific productivity, Grace Yao, Kathryn Aron, Michael Borys, and Kyongbum Lee (Abstract)

An automated data-driven pipeline for improving heterologous enzyme expression, Tim Whitehead (Abstract)

Proteinase K goes thermo-labile, Minyong Chen, Stephen Shi, Beth Paschal, Alicia Bielik, Hassan Sakhtah, Ellen Guthrie, Bryce Causey, and James C. Samuelson (Abstract)

Development of sensitive antigen-detection system using photoactivatable antibody-Fc binding protein capable introducing oriented antibody, Myung Kyu Lee and Yeolin Lee (Abstract)

Facile interrogation of high-order epistasis between distal sites using next-generation sequencing, Justin I. Yoo, Patrick Daugherty, and Michelle O’Malley (Abstract)

Cellular responses to culture substrates with programmable anisotropy, Kelly A. Burke, Yongjian Wang, and Ranjan Srivastava (Abstract)

Upstream microbial process characterization with single-use bioreactors from 15 mL to 50L, Vincent Lam, Lara Nascimento, Jens Rupprecht, Alison Rees-Manley, Barney Zoro, Marco Leupold, and Vincent Lam (Abstract)

Efficient microbial bioconversion of brown macroalgae obtained through profitable high-density sea cultivation using modified microbial strains to produce commodity and specialty chemicals: A developing blue chemical industry in Chile, Alvaro Olivera-Nappa, Javiera Gómez, Carolina Camus, and Alejandro H. Buschmann (Abstract)

Temperature regulation as a tool for enabling and programming synthetic microbial communities, Adam G. Krieger, Jiahao “Jeff” Zhang, and Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin (Abstract)

Accelerating throughput of analytics with one-click data analysis, Razwan Hanif (Abstract)

Applying metabolic models for control in order to enhance algal growth and lipid production, Chien-Ting Li, Yiqun Chen, Richard Eng, Michael Betenbaugh, Cristal Zuñiga, and Karsten Zengler (Abstract)