Conference Dates

July 14-18, 2019


Biotech companies have been emphasizing the implementation and utilization of process analytical technology (PAT) and chemometrics in biomanufacturing. Advanced technologies and computation modeling have contributed significantly in making this capability come to life. Although there are still gaps in the area of advanced analytics for the process, computation modeling has started to contribute towards process characterization, which will lead to real-time process control. PAT and modeling infrastructure can be utilized in integrated continuous bioprocessing to gain better process understating, reduce production cycle time, improve yield, advance efficiency by converting from a batch process into a continuous process, and reduce cost by the reduction of waste and energy consumption resulting from the real-time release of a batch with improved quality. Computational models give a tighter operating range and allow for feedback controls. An overview of PAT and computation models for biotech processes with emphasis on integrated continuous bioprocessing and production of monoclonal antibodies will be presented.