Intelligent hydrogel design: Towards more performing hydrogel processing

Conference Dates

June 5-9, 2017


Despite their highly attractive properties, 3D printing of hydrogel materials can be rather challenging. Herein, we present a novel hydrogel material that can be easily processed into three-dimensional scaffolds using different 3D printing technologies. An acrylate-terminated, urethane-based PEG was prepared by reacting PEG 2000 with isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) and monoacrylated PEG (336 g/mol) in a 1:2:2 molar ratio (WO 2017/005613 A1). For melt 3D-printing, pure polymer was used (Tm 38°C). For bioprinting, a 50 wt% solution with 3 wt% Laponite was used.

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