Flow-through chromatography as a continuous and integrated purification method

Conference Dates

October 6-10, 2019


Continuous manufacturing is expected to improve the efficiency and economics of protein and other bio-product production processes. However, it is not easy to design and operate the continuous process especially for downstream processing as many unit operations (chromatography and membrane filtration) are involved.

An operation method known as flow-through chromatography (FTC) is considered to be an efficient purification method as the flow is continuous. In FTC, a target bio-product is eluted from the chromatography column without adsorption whereas contaminants are strongly bound. Usually two different modes of chromatography are needed in order to remove various kinds of contaminants. Two FTC columns have to be connected in order to build the integrated continuous process. This is not an easy task since the mobile phase properties (pH, salt, buffer ions) are different for the two columns.

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