The new manufacturing paradigm: Challenges and opportunities of integrated continuous bioprocessing

Conference Dates

October 6-10, 2019


Biologic therapies offer hope to many patients who previously had no effective treatment options for their disease. Whether for treatment of thousands of patients with a rare genetic disease or a rare blood disorder or for millions of patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes, the number of patients treated with approved biologic drugs continues to increase worldwide.

The uninterrupted supply of these lifesaving medicines depends on the strong expertise and technical and scientific understanding of individuals from many disciplines – molecular genetics and cell biology, upstream and downstream scientists and engineers, bioanalytical scientists, process and plant design engineers, etc.

As production technology and process knowledge has advanced, the opportunity to implement process intensification has likewise increased. While there are many advantages to drug substance process intensification – including opportunities for improve costs – another advantage is the possibility for smaller drug substance manufacturing footprints.

This talk will survey where the industry is heading as well as implementation of integrated continuous processing in a digitally-enabled facility designed for intensified drug substance processes.

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