Conference Dates

October 18-21, 2015


The use of polymeric materials for manufacturing single-use disposable devices in biopharmaceutical processes to replace multi-use stainless steel systems is a steady trend.

A general overview on thermoplastic polymers is given: Commodity Materials, Engineering Plastics and High-Performance Plastics, with the focus on polymers frequently used in biotechnology applications.

This range of material covers rigid materials for components like connectors, filling needles, filters, etc., but also flexible materials for bags and tubing.

Thermoplastic Elastomeric materials (TPE) and Silicone are used for tubing applications. TPE materials can be seen as some kind of hybrid between thermoplastic and elastomeric polymers.

The characteristic conversion steps for both material types are briefly presented. Not only the extrusion process for manufacturing tubing, but also the injection moulding process for producing complex components, will be covered. The differences between thermoplastic polymer processing and elastomer processing are explained.

Finally a quick overview of fields of application for selected polymers.