Conference Dates

October 18-21, 2015


Ensuring a good product requires specifically a combination of selected parameters covering materials, processes & controls / testing. This presentation will show how these concerted activities lead to deliver a good film matching the application needs in Biotechnology applications

Material properties: Bags are formed out of a plastic film by different sealing technologies, using heat, ultrasonic sound or electric fields. Key critical parameters vary from sealability, mechanical & barrier properties, leachables & extractables, surface specification, melt flow properties, gel count, transparency …

Process + Machine: Extrusion or lamination processes have some technical limitations and machines most relevant topics would be width of film, thickness, polymers + film layers, mechanical properties, and of course environmental conditions.

Monitoring and Controls: In the film industry continuous inline measurement of the thickness is a standard. Beside those in-line controls, off-line laboratory, process data collection and sampling library provide the backbone of process control.