Optical glucose sensor for single use microfluidic reactors

Conference Dates

May 7-10, 2017


Glucose measurements are of tremendous interest in biotechnology. Electrochemical and optical methods to measure glucose have been intensively investigated in the last 30 years, in particular for medical diagnostics. A widely used principle is to measure the consumption of oxygen during the oxidation process of glucose facilitated by the enzyme glucose oxidase. The determination of glucose is based on a correlation between the oxygen consumption and the glucose concentration. In our contribution, we demonstrate the integration of a flow-through glucose sensor into microfluidic devices for cell culturing. The sensor consists of three layers: an oxygen sensitive layer, an enzymatic glucose-oxidase layer for glucose induced oxygen consumption and a diffusion layer. The oxygen sensitive layer contains polystyrene particles stained with meso-tetra(4-fluorophenyl)tetrabenzoporphyrin (PtTPTBPF4) embedded in a swellable hydrogel. The second layer contains aggregates of the enzyme glucose oxidase embedded in the same hydrogel. The last and final layer is a plain hydrogel diffusion barrier. By increasing the layer height of the diffusion layer, the dynamic range of the sensor can be tuned.

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