Conference Dates

May 7-10, 2017


Roll-to-roll (R2R) technologies with roller-based nanoimprinting methods enable manufacturing of highly cost-effective and large-scale sheets of flexible polymer film with precise structures on a micro- and nanoscale 1. Areas that can benefit strongly from such large scale technologies are microfluidics, biosensors, and lab-on-chip products for point of care diagnostics, drug discovery and food control. Here, R2R fabrication could greatly reduce production costs and increase manufacturing capacity with respect to currently used products. A pilot line with this technology is investigated in the European Horizon 2020 project R2R Biofluidics and its capabilities are tested on two Demonstrators: - Demonstrator 1: In-vitro diagnostic chip with imprinted microfluidic channels based on optical chemiluminescence measurement by photodetectors. - Demonstrator 2: Neuronal cell culture plate with imprinted cavities and channels for controlled culturing and fluorescence imaging of neurons, for high throughput drug screening.

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