July 23-26, 2017
Westin Snowmass
Snowmass Village, Colorado, USA

Editors:   Peter So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  Kate Bechtel, Triple Ring Technologies, USA
  Ivo Vellekoop, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  Michael Choma, Yale University, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Peter So, Kate Bechtel, Ivo Vellekoop, and Michael Choma (Article)

Highest resolution whole body molecular imaging: Cherenkov excited luminescence scanned imaging, Brian Pogue, Petr Bruza, Jinchao Feng, Huiyun Lin, Ethan LaRochelle, Lesley A. Jarvis, and David J. Gladstone (Abstract)

Optical imaging of brain functions and networks: From mouse to man, Joe Culver (Abstract)

Bedside measurement of hemodynamic biomarkers with fast diffuse correlation spectroscopy, Ashwin Parthasarathy, Arjun G. Yodh, W. Andrew Kofke, John A. Detre, Michael T. Mullen, Ramani Balu, Kimberly Gannon, and Wesley B. Baker (Abstract)

Towards integrated multi-scale imaging of complex biological systems, Kwanghun Chung (Abstract)

ARF-OCE for mapping mechanical properties of ocular and vascular tissues, Jiang Zhu; Youmin He,; Yueqiao Qu; and Zhongping Chen (Abstract)

Endoscopic light delivery for ablation and 3D printing, Christophe Moser, Edgar E. Morales-Delgado, Paul Delrot, Don Conkey, Damien Loterie, Nicolino Stasio, Demetri Psaltis, and Eirini Kakkava (Abstract)

OCE and ocular biomechanics, Salavat Aglyamov and Kirill Larin (Abstract)

Brillouin microscopy, Giuliano Scarcelli (Abstract)

How consumer wearable technology is driving innovation in healthcare and medical devices, Steven LeBoeuf (Abstract)

Noninvasive optical sensors for increased safety in law enforcement, industrial, and medical applications, Ben Ver Steeg (Abstract)

Remote monitoring of patient vital signs for personalized healthcare, Vahram Mouradian (Abstract)

Scalable and cost-effective optical components for biosensing applications, Wei-Chuan Shih (Abstract)

3D computational microscopy of dynamic samples, Laura Waller (Abstract)

Fast time reversal optical focusing for deep brain optogenetic activation, Changhuei Yang (Abstract)

Photoacoustic imaging as a potential tool for clinical evaluation of Inflammatory arthritis, Xueding Wang, Guan Xu, Sheeja Francis, April Marquardt, and Gandikota Girish (Abstract)

Imaging the role of lymphatics in chronic inflammatory diseases, Eva Sevick-Muraca (Abstract)

Rollerball microendoscope for mosaicking in high-resolution oral imaging, Nicole Sevilla, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Richard . A. Schwarz, Timothy Quang, Katelin D. Cherry, Nadarajah Vigneswaran, and Ann M. Gillenwater (Abstract)

Compressed full-field Fourier transform spectrometry, Dushan N. Wadduwage, Vijay Raj Singh, and Peter . T. C So (Abstract)

A biophysical Raman spectroscopic model for noninvasive screening of skin cancer, Xu Feng, Austin J. Moy, Matthew C. Fox, Jason S. Reichenberg, and James W. Tunnell (Abstract)

In vivo multiphoton microscopy beyond 1 mm in the brain, David R. Miller, Ahmed Hassan, Jeremy W. Jarrett, Evan P. Perillo, Boris V. Zemelman, and Andrew K. Dunn (Abstract)

Development of a single-board computer high-resolution microendoscope (PiHRME) to increase access to cervical cancer screening in underserved areas, Sonia G. Parra, Pelham Keahey, Kathleen Schmeler, Mauricio Maza, Philip Castle, and Rebecca Richards-Kortum (Abstract)

Improving light delivery for optogenetics using wavefront shaping, Joshua Brake, Changhuei Yang, Viviana Gradinaru, J. Elliott Robinson, and Haowen Ruan (Abstract)

Assessing tracheal health using optical metabolic imaging and optical coherence tomography, Daniel A. Gil, Joe T. Sharick, Ute A. Gamm, Michael A. Choma, and Melissa C. Skala (Abstract)

Multiphoton tissue imaging by using moxifloxacin, Ki Hean Kim, Taejun Wang, Euiheon Chung, and Myung Joon Kim (Abstract)

Fluctuations in single-cell organelle size estimates from angular scattering measurements, Robert L. Draham, Andrew Berger, and Ashley Cannaday (Abstract)

Spatiotemporal propagation of cerebral hemodynamics during and after resuscitation from cardiac arrest, Christian Crouzet, Bernard Choi, Yama Akbari, Bruce J. Tromberg, Afsheen Bazrafkan, and Robert H. Wilson (Abstract)

Imaging moving targets through scattering media, Michelle Cua, Changhuei Yang, and Edward (Haojiang) Zhou (Abstract)

2D and 3D structured illumination microscopy with unknown patterns and a statistical prior, Li-Hao Yeh and Laura Waller (Abstract)

Single-shot Interferometric Polarization Microscopy, Baoliang Ge, Renjie Zhou, Zahid Yaqoob, and Peter . T.C So (Abstract)

Optimizing field-of-view of deep-tissue scanning microscopy, Gerwin Osnabrugge, Roarke Horstmeyer, Ioannis N. Papadopoulos, and Ivo M. Vellekoop (Abstract)


Tumor detection and treatment by means of thermography and laser irradiation, Euiheon Chung, Gyungseok Oh, and Su Woong Yoo (Abstract)


Frequency domain diffuse optical tomography with a single source and detector via high- speed hypocycloid scanning, Matthew B. Applegate and Darren Roblyer (Abstract and Presentation)


Compact cell culture imaging system using Fourier ptychographic microscopy, Daniel Martin, Jinho Kim, and Changhuei Yang (Abstract and Presentation)

Exploiting diffuse reflectance measurement uncertainty estimates in spatial frequency domain imaging, Vivian Pera, Kavon Karrobi, Syeda Tabassum, and Darren M. Roblyer (Abstract)

3D computational microscopy of dynamic samples, Laura Waller (Abstract)

Noninvasive monitoring of tumor oxygenation response to anti-hypoxia drug using near- infrared spectroscopy, Xiangqian Hong, Bing Yu, Martin Benej, and Nicholas Denko (Abstract)

Multi-mode fiber imaging with selective mode control, Sakshi Singh and Rafael Piestun (Abstract)

Lightweight high-density diffuse optical tomography using sCMOS detection, Karla M. Bergonzi, Adam T. Eggebrecht, and Joseph P. Culver (Abstract)

In-vitro validation and quantitative measurements of graded burn wounds on a porcine model using handheld laser speckle imaging, Ben Lertsakdadet, Bernard Choi, Anthony J. Durkin, Rebecca Rowland, Christian Crouzet, Cody E. Dunn, Adrien Ponticorvo, Bruce Y. Yang, and Nicole Bernal (Abstract)

Multimodal optical imaging platform for the early diagnosis for oral neoplasia, Eric Yang, Nadarajah Vigneswaran, Ann Gillenwater, and Rebecca Richards-Kortum (Abstract)