June 2-6, 2019
Fairmont Tremblant
Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Editors:   Erin Buckley, Emory University/Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  Christophe Moser, Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
  Brian Pogue, Dartmouth College, USA
  David Sampson, University of Western Australia, Australia

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Erin Buckley, Christophe Moser, Brian Pogue, and David Sampson (Article)

Imaging multiple molecular markers under surgical light illumination, Viktor Gruev, Steven Blair, Tyler Davis, and Missael Garcia (Abstract)

Molecular guided surgery advances, Eben Rosenthal, Stan van Keulen, Nynke van den Berg, Naoki Nishio, and Brock Martin (Abstract)

Advances in SCAPE microscopy for high-speed volumetric imaging, Elizabeth Hillman (Abstract)

Development of compact ultrafast fiber laser sources for nonlinear optical microscopy, Khanh Kieu (Abstract)

OCT for image-guided therapy and surgery, Thomas Milner, Arnold Estrada, Austin B. McElroy, and Nitesh Katta (Abstract)

Radiation-optical interactions, Brian Wilson (Abstract)

Liposomal optical activation delivery of agents, Jonathan Lovell (Abstract)

Combining ionising radiation with nanoconstructs: towards new options in cancer therapy, Ewa M. Goldys, Sandhya Clement, Anna Guller, Guozhen Liu, Jared Campbell, Wei Deng, and Brian C. Wilson (Abstract)

Shedding light on the effect of radiation therapy on circulating tumor cells, Mark Niedre, Jessica Fitzgerald, and Ross Berbeco (Abstract)

Increasing depth sensitivity and brain specificity of diffuse correlation spectroscopy blood flow measures, Maria Angela Franceschini (Abstract)

What does laser speckle contrast imaging really measure?, Andrew Dunn (Abstract)

Non-invasive optical measurement of cerebral critical closing pressure in pediatric hydrocephalus, Wesley Baker, Tracy M. Flanders, Kristina Heye, John J. Flibotte, Daniel J. Licht, and Gregory G. Heuer (Abstract)

Biomechanics of cells and tissues: What can we learn when we combine mechanical stimuli with microscopy?, Davide Iannuzzi, Nelda Antonovaite, Steven Beekmans, Johannes de Boer, Fabio Feroldi, Marloes Groot, Ludo van Haasterecht, Luca Bartolini, Elly Hol, Marica Marrese, Lianne Hulshof, Frank van Mourik, Ben Nelemans, Joost Nieuwenhuis, Erik Paardekam, Theodor Smit, Martin Slaman, and Wytse Wadman (Abstract)

Translational shear-wave optical coherence elastography, Kirill Larin (Abstract)

Diagnosis of intestinal fibrosis by spectroscopic and strain photoacoustic imaging, Guan (Gary) Xu (Abstract)

The state of fluorescence imaging in robotic surgery, Jonathan Sorger (Abstract)

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled multimodal macroscopic optical spectroscopy imaging platform for surgical oncology applications, Frederic Leblond (Abstract)

Making sense in surgery using Near-Infrared Optical Imaging, Sylvain Gioux, Luca Baratelli, Enagnon Aguénounon, Joseph Angelo, and Silvère Ségaud (Abstract)

Scalable and reliable deep learning for computational microscopy in complex media, Lei Tian, Yujia Xue, Shiyi Cheng, and Yunzhe Li (Abstract)

Photoacoustic microendoscopy through multimode fibers, Emmanuel Bossy (Abstract)

Development of the MediBeacon transdermal GFR measurement system, Martin Debreczeny, Richard B. Dorshow, and Kate Bechtel (Abstract)

Commercialization of Photodisinfection Technologies, Nicolas Loebel (Abstract)

Commercialization of Modulated Imaging, Amaan Mazhar (Abstract)

Advances in computational wide field imaging, Peter So (Abstract)

Design, fabrication, and test of micro-optics for biomedical applications, Rongguang Liang (Abstract)

Spectroscopic single-molecule localization microscopy (sSMLM), Hao Zhang (Abstract)

Too far, too small, too dark, too foggy: On the use of machine learning for computational imaging problems, George Barbastathis, Mo Deng, Shuai Li, Alexandre Goy, and Kwabena Arthur (Abstract)

Can we control highly complex and nonlinear optical systems?, Rafael Piestun (Abstract)

Toward a thinking microscope: Deep learning-enabled computational microscopy and sensing, Aydogan Ozcan (Abstract)

Simulation analysis of manipulating light propagation through turbid Media, Snow H. Tseng, Liang-Yu Huang, and Tzu-Hao Kuo (Abstract)

Speckleplethysmographic (SPG) estimation of heart rate variability, Cody E. Dunn; Derek C. Monroe,; Christian Crouzet; James W. Hicks; and Bernard Choi (Abstract)

Model eye imaging by closed-loop accumulation of single scattering (CLASS) microscopy, Yookyung Jung, Pilsung Kang, Wonshik Choi, Jin Hee Hong, and Yongwoo Kwon (Abstract)

Interferometric speckle visibility spectroscopy for improved measurement of blood flow dynamics, Joshua H. Brake, Jian Xu, Changhuei Yang, and Ali Kazemi Jahromi (Abstract)

Generative adversarial network prediction of optical properties from single images with structured- or homogenous-illumination, Nicholas Durr, Tianyi Chen, Faisal Mahmood, and Jordan Sweer (Abstract)

De-scattering with excitation patterning in temporally-focused microscopy (DEEP- TFM), Jong Kang Park, Dushan N. Wadduwage, and Peter T. C. So (Abstract)

Utilizing ectopic Hsp90 expression to diagnose breast cancer at the point-of-care using fluorescence microscopy, Roujia Wang, Brian Crouch, Christopher Lam, Jenna Muller, Nimmi Ramanujam, Timothy Haystead, and Philip Hughes (Abstract)

Matrix approach of Full-Field OCT for volumetric imaging of an opaque human cornea, Paul Balondrade, Victor Barolle, Claude Boccara, Mathias Fink, Alexandre Aubry, Ulysse Najar, and Kristina Irsch (Abstract)

Image-guided fluorescence tomography in head & neck surgical models, Michael J. Daly, Harley Chan, Brian C. Wilson, David A. Jaffray, and Jonathan C. Irish (Abstract)

A fast three-dimensional dynamic light scattering computational model for imaging through turbid media, Chakameh Zahed Jafari, Andrew K. Dunn, Samuel A. Mihelic, Colin T. Sullender, and David R. Miller (Abstract)

Cortex-wide, cellular-resolution two-photon microscopy, Hunter B. Banks,; Jon R. Bumstead; Annie Bice; Joseph P. Culver; and Lindsey M. Brier (Abstract)

Using a multimodal platform to investigate the role of spreading depolarization and hemodynamics in neurological recovery, Christian Crouzet, Robert H. Wilson, Donald Lee, Afsheen Bazrafkan, Ayushi Patel, Bruce J. Tromberg, Yama Akbari, and Bernard Choi (Abstract)

Methodology to rapidly map and quantify whole-brain microvasculature in 3d, Katiana M. Khouri, Adrian Bahani, and Christian Crouzet (Abstract)

Microvascular cerebral hemodynamics in pediatric sickle cell disease with Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy, Erin M. Buckley, Seung Yup Lee, Eashani Sathialingam, Kyle Cowdrick, Kendall Williams, Bharat Sanders, Courtney E. McCracken, Wilbur Lam, and Clinton H. Joiner (Abstract)

SPAD based imaging of Cherenkov light in radiation therapy, Arthur Petusseau, P Bruza, S Tisa, S Gioux, and B W Pogue (Abstract)

Cherenkov-excited luminescence imaging of microdose injections for novel tumor response assay, Jennifer Soter, Brian Pogue, and Ethan LaRochelle (Abstract)

Using dynamic vascular optical spectroscopy to monitor patients with peripheral arterial disease - three exemplary cases, Alessandro Marone, Jennifer W. Hoi, Christopher J. Fong, Youngwan Kim, Hyun K. Kim, Danielle R. Bajakian, and A.H. Hielscher (Abstract)

Imaging of stiffness heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer to assess elastography as a surrogate for drug distribution in orthotopic xenograft models, Phuong Vincent (Abstract)

Total hemoglobin reduction in the tumor volume correlates with response to breast cancer neoadjuvant chemotherapy within two weeks of treatment, Mirella Altoe, Alessandro Marone, Hyun K. Kim, Mariella Tejada, Hanina Hibshoosh, Katherine Crew, Kevin Kalinsky, Dawn L. Hershman, and Andreas H. Hielscher (Abstract)

Wearable toe band system for monitoring of peripheral artery disease, Youngwan Kim, Alessandro Marone, Hyun K. Kim, Danielle Bajakian, Ioannis Kymissis, and Andreas H. Hielscher (Abstract)

Workflow for real-time in-vivo Cherenkov-excited luminescence imaging during radiotherapy, Ethan LaRochelle, Jennifer Shell, Jason Gunn, Michael Jermyn, Sergei Vinogradov, and Brian Pogue (Abstract)

Towards label-free imaging of breast cancer-induced pre-metastatic niche using spontaneous Raman spectroscopy, Santosh Kumar Paidi (Abstract)