Implementing automated pCO2 control in small scale cell culture models

Conference Dates

May 6-11, 2018


High carbon dioxide levels observed during scale up of a mammalian cell culture process were found to impact glycan levels of a monoclonal antibody. Small scale bioreactor and shake flask models were developed to achieve the high pCO2 levels and profiles observed at large scale for process understanding studies. The precise reproduction of pCO2 profiles in small scale models can be challenging, due to use of manual controls and to potential impact of high pCO2 levels on other process parameters and quality attributes. For improved control, automation was applied to bench scale stirred tank bioreactors using an online pCO2 probe and to ambr® 250 disposable bioreactors using an off-gas analyzer. Design of the automated CO2 control strategy in these small scale bioreactor systems will be presented.

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