A bioinformatics approach to genome to phenome predictions in CHO cell lines

Conference Dates

May 6-11, 2018


CHO cells are the most important host cells used in manufacturing more than 50% of biologic medicines (also called biopharmaceuticals), with global sales over $120 billion per year. Nonetheless, a lack of understanding of the fundamental link between genome stability and the phenome significantly limits the ability of government, academic, and company laboratories to improve cell lines and ultimately product yields. Our group will perform multivariate analysis combined with bioinformatics to identify genes that improve genome stability, if up- or down-regulated. The identified “stability” genes will later be cloned into the CHO genome and validated in the bioreactors and by bioinformatics and multivariate analysis. As a direct result, this project has the potential to advance patient access to expensive medicines, secure the domestic advanced biomanufacturing workforce, and promote and support current and future generations of a diverse academic and industrial workforce.

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