Variation in karyotype and chromsome numbers in CHO cell lines and subclones

Conference Dates

May 6-11, 2018


Genomic rearrangements are a common phenomenon in rapidly growing cell lines such as Chinese hamster ovary cells, a feature that, while it provides the ability to adapt to different conditions and to select the rare variants with high productivity, in the final production clone may lead to batch irreproducibility and instability. Few methods exist to assess such genome wide instability. Here we use the population distribution of chromosome numbers per cell as well as chromosome painting to identify large scale chromosomal rearrangements for quantification of karyotypic variation in several CHO cell lines, including host and recombinant cell lines, both at the pool, minipool and subclone level. Apart from investigating differences between cell lines and subclones, we followed changes in chromosome number distribution and chromosome pattern over a period of 6 months for stability assessment.

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