Enhanced cell growth with physiologically relevant media supplements

Conference Dates

May 6-11, 2018


Recent advances in genetic engineering have resulted in exponential growth in cell therapy technologies. This has led to a need for corresponding advances in the cell culture media that is used to recover, sustain and expand these important cells. Cell therapy researchers and manufacturers alike, have spent valuable time and money to optimize media formulations to enhance cell proliferation while maintaining functional capabilities of stem cells and immune cells. Serum free (SFM) and/or chemically defined formulations are thought to be superior due to the appearance that they are safer. However, proliferation rates and cell robustness often suffer due to the lack of physiologically relevant protein sources and concentrations. Therefore, there is a need for enhanced media supplements to help the cell therapy market thrive. PhysiologixTM XF Human Growth Factor Concentrate (hGFC) is a cell culture media supplement that can be used in place of serum supplements with traditional basal media such as RPMI 1640 or DMEM/F12.

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