Investigating the use of integrated analytics and automation to enhance process development capabilities

Conference Dates

May 6-11, 2018


Automated small-scale bioreactor systems like the ambr 15 and ambr 250 have been proven to increase the speed and throughput of cell line and process development. Combining the ambr systems with integrated analytics like pH modules, cell counters, and metabolite readers not only ensures accuracy and consistency of the measurements but also allows for automatic data transfer and advanced control strategies. This presentation highlights the work carried out to evaluate these integrated systems, which includes comparing manual versus automated samples and implementing automated feedback control using both cell count and glucose measurements for a CHO fed-batch process. Key takeaways from the case study to be presented include identifying glucose control strategies that led to increased peak cell densities and prolonged culture duration as well as showing that automated sampling and data transfer allows for walk-away glucose control.

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