Acoustic cell processing - An innovation in cell therapy manufacturing

Conference Dates

January 27-31, 2019


With a significant portion of cell therapy manufacturing costs being attributed to consumables and inefficient processes, there is an enormous industry-wide focus on the industrialization and overall improvement of cost of goods. To date, the focus has been to develop closed, integrated systems with automation. Therapeutic innovators are sometimes creating these systems on their own or through collaboration with equipment vendors. Although incremental improvements have been made through this approach, there is concern that these ad-hoc solutions will not meet the demands of production for large patient populations. This is due to the inherent technologies for each unit operation and their technical limitations. Acoustic waves have long been known to have the capability to manipulate particles of all sizes in suspension in a closed, continuous manner. Now this technology, now called Acoustic Cell Processing (ACP), is being applied to key steps in the cell therapy manufacturing process as discrete unit operations such as cell selection, transduction, and concentrate/wash.

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