Developing a novel microchannel emulsification device for diabetes cell therapy

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January 27-31, 2019


Microcarrier-based 3D culture changed the dimension scale of in vitro expansion culture of attachment-dependent stem cells and made the handling process more efficient compared with conventional 2D culture method. Several reports suggest that plastic microcarriers in spherical shape are optimal choice for scale-up culture of postnatal stem cells such as hMSCs [1,2]. However, the use of plastic microcarriers in spherical shape makes monitoring of cell culture difficult and complicated, because conventional monitoring/analysis tools are based on 2D platform and do not support observation of cells on spherical microcarrier. Due to the lack of a readily available monitoring method for the 3D culture, researchers have no option but to detach the cells from microcarriers to count the number of cells and to analyze cell characteristics which is apparently time-consuming and cost-inefficient process. In other words, even though 3D culture platforms are most effective in terms of scale-up culture and handling, 2D-based monitoring/analysis tools are tremendously easier and effective for observation of cell morphology and confluence. To find a breakthrough to overcome the limit of current technology in 3D expansion culture, we slightly reverted in dimension to take merits from both platforms - thereby making 2.5D microcarriers that can utilize not only 3D platform for culture but also conventional 2D-based tools for monitoring and analysis. 2.5D microcarriers were manufactured by projecting circular UV light on photo-polymer flowing in microfluidic channel. The resulting micro-sized particles were transparent plastic particles with parallel 2D planes in a discus shape. To secure the transparent nature of micro-particles, 2.5D microcarriers were surface-modified by polydopamine.

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