Comparative analysis of FBS containing media and serum free chemically defined media, CellCor for adipose derived stem cells production

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January 27-31, 2019



As a result of the aging society, the average OECD life expectancy has grown to about 80 years, yet the average health life still remains at only 65 years, leaving more than 15 years of life in an uncertain health state. Regenerative medicine is a new concept of medicine that combines cells and biomaterials to restore the functions of aged or damaged tissues or organs. It is also a good treatment for chronic diseases and incurable diseases, receiving attention as a new paradigm for treating diseases.


As the market for regenerative medicine grows, mass production of consistent quality cells is required. Media is the most important thing in mass production of consistent quality cells. However, the fetal bovine serum (FBS) containing media that is currently wide used has many problems, such as unidentified viral infection, immunogenicity, lot variations, unstable supply, and ethical issues. To solve these problems and make rapid progress in regenerative medicine, a high-performance serum free chemically defined media (CDM) is needed.


CellCor is a serum free CDM that provides excellent performance, safety, economy and consistency in stem cell production. CellCor allows higher-speed cell production rate than current FBS containing culture media (Figure 1). Compared to the FBS containing media, CellCor is able to maintain stem cell markers, higher population homogeneity, genetic stability, and excellent differentiation potency even at later passage.

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