Total Quality Approach To Cell Incubation And Processing / Scale-Up & Scale-Out

Conference Dates

January 15-19, 2017


Total quality recognizes that for best cell potency, cells need full-time optimization of all critical cell process parameters (O2, CO2, RH, T). Total quality recognizes that all typical negative side effects of machines on cells (particles, heat, vibration, etc.) must be neutralized to make automation compatible with a cell optimized ecosystem, and those machines must be protected from dust, aerosols, and corrosion. Total quality recognizes that each entire cell production line (all manual and automated steps) must be protected from microbial contamination by full-time, absolutely aseptic conditions. Total quality recognizes that all personnel must be fully protected from cells harboring virus, vectors, prion, and other pathogens. Total quality recognizes that scaling up and out must be efficient. Total quality recognizes that cost efficiency is a fundamental quality attribute, critical for commercial. The Xvivo System is a comprehensive, modular, total quality "platform" for cells.


Kevin Murray, Sales Manager for BioSpherix, Ltd. BS BioChemistry, MBA Finance & Marketing, 20+ Years experience in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical Research Industry.

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