Enabling Technology For Scalable Manufacturing Of Cell Therapy Products

Conference Dates

January 15-19, 2017


A scalable biomanufacturing platform is crucial to meet the anticipated demands for off-the-shelf cell therapy products. Growing cells on microcarriers or in aggregates suspended in bioreactors is the most promising option for scaling up, however minimizing cell damage due to hydrodynamic shear is one of the main challenges for large scale cell culture processes.

PBS Vertical-WheelTM single-use bioreactors suspend microcarriers and cell aggregates with significantly less shear than conventional stirred bioreactors, minimizing risks during scale up. Both hydrodynamic and adult stem cell biological data will be presented showing equivalent biological performance in working volumes from 0.5 to 50 L. PBS Biotech is also announcing ENABLETM contract process development and scale up services for cell therapy customers. Time permitting, newly available pluripotent stem cell culture and differentiation data will also be shared.

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