Conference Dates

May 8-13, 2016


Optimum Growth FlasksTM (patented) are a break through design to shake flasks, and the first in 100+ years. By using Optimum Growth FlasksTM users are able to grow 15mLs-3L of Cell Culture with the same scalability. The Optimum Growth FlasksTM have replaced disposable Fernbach Flasks and also small Wave® Bags (5L & 10L) in the larger sizes as production vessels. The Optimum Growth Flasks TM also give high viability cultures with a great use of space as shown by our data in CHO, Hybridoma, HEK293 and other Cell Lines. We have made a series of Transfer Caps (patented) available in all sizes allowing for the flasks to be used as seed culture for transfer to larger Optimum Growth FlasksTM , Cell Bags and Bioreactors. For cell line development we have introduced new Sampling Valves, and Transfer-Feed valves that allow for no unscrewing of caps for manipulations for Cell Development, and a carrier system for making it easier handling. We will show how to better grow to Higher Density, with high viability, and good product quality for the proteins and antibodies of interest.