Conference Dates

May 8-13, 2016


The unrivalled growth in monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics is demanding for a rapid, simple and cost effective expression system. Conventional expression system makes use of Gene Amplification Strategies, Chromatin Modifying Elements and High-Throughput Automated Platforms for cell line development. All these process are complex and costly. CELL EXPRESS 100TM with its simple selection procedure and being able to generate 100% stable high expressing pool simplifies the isolation of high producing cell line without the need for Amplification, Chromatin Modifying Elements and High Throughput Automated Platforms. CELL EXPRESS 100TM expression system consists of an expression vector (pUB-CE-100) and a host cell line [Rodent (CHO, NS0, BHK), Monkey (COS), Human (HEK293, PerC6)]. pUB-CE-100 was designed to have Gene Of Interest (GOI) placed in the UTR of selectable marker gene (neor) there by allowing efficient selection of 100% GOI expressing cells (Figure 1). The positioning of GOI and the stringent selection conditions facilitates generation of stable high expressing pool in single round of selection. The high expressing pool further simplifies the isolation of high expressing clone without the use of High-Throughput Methods. CELL EXPRESS 100TM can generate stable high expressing pool in less than 21 days with a productivity of ~1g/L and high expressing stable clone in less than 2 months with a productivity of 2-3g/L. This makes CELL EXPRESS 100 superior to conventional expression systems and high-throughput methods.