Development of a disruptive mass photometry technology for AAV empty full quantification

Conference Dates

February 6 – 10, 2022


Product-related impurities (empty capsids) are a safety risk and the ability to quantify the removal of empty AAV particles is a critical requirement for product release. Traditional methods such as PCR and protein quantification are labour intensive and compound the inherent errors of the individual assays. The collaborative project between Refeyn and CGT Catapult included use of commercially available mass photometry instrument as well as developments aiming specifically at weighing large molecules, including AAV. We generated accurate Empty and Full particle quantification for different AAV serotypes and at different purification levels. Empty:Full ratio is generated in 5 minutes and requires minimal sample volume and preparation. Our current data correlates with the gold-standard cryoTEM and AUC analytical characterisation, circumventing the requirement of large capital expense and skilled operators for operation and data analysis.

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