Conference Dates

May 1-5, 2011


Combustion of three Polish and one South African bituminous coal particles in air versus O2/CO2 mixtures with oxygen concentrations in the range from 21% to 60% vol. was conducted at temperature of 850°C in a 12 kW bench-scale CFB combustor. Combustion in air was proceeded at ~50˚C higher centre temperatures and was slightly shorter in time compared to combustion in O2/CO2 mixture with 21% vol. O2. Larger heat capacity of CO2 compared to that of N2 also retards the ignition of volatiles in O2/CO2 mixtures with 21% O2. However, when the concentration of oxygen in O2/CO2 mixtures is larger than 30%, the ignition time decreases and surface and centre temperatures increase significantly with increasing O2 content.