Conference Dates

May 1-5, 2011


The oxygen-enriched Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology is a new method to reduce CO2 emissions. The coal ignition temperature, Ti F, in an oxygen-enriched CFB boiler is an important parameter for designing the startup burner and for choosing the operating strategy during the startup process. The combustion of five types of coal under four different atmospheres (air, O2 27 %, O2 40%, O2 53%, CO2 as balance gas) was measured in a laboratory scale fluidized bed (FB) with an under-bed preheat system. Using thermocouples and a Gas Analyzer, the changes in bed temperature and the concentration of the different components, such as O2, CO2 and CO, in flue gas were directly measured to determine Ti F. It was found that Ti F decreased with increasing O2 concentration. The differences between the ignition temperatures determined in air and with 27 % O2 were not significant. At lower bed temperatures, for two coal types with higher volatiles, a two stage-ignition for volatiles and char was observed under a high O2 concentration. The time delay between the two stages decreased and finally merged into one with increasing bed temperature. Similar results were obtained in air. The coal with the higher volatile content had a lower ignition temperature in an oxygen-enriched CFB. Comparison of the ignition temperatures obtained by different methods and the feed temperatures in industrial CFB boilers showd that the measured result in a fluidized bed can be used as a reference for oxygen-enriched CFB boilers.