July 10-14, 2016
Schloss Hernstein Seminarhotel
Hernstein, Austria

Chairs:   Dr. Samiul Amin, Assistant Vice President-Open Research L'Oreal , USA
  Professor Saad Khan, Alcoa Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
North Carolina State University, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

These papers will ultimately be reviewed and listed in the refereed section of the ECI Symposium site.

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Conference Program, Samiul Amin and Saad Khan (Article)


Super-soft and super-elastic dry gels, Michael Rubinstein, William F. M. Daniel, Mohammad V. Vatankhah, Joanna Burdyńska, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Jaroslaw Paturej, Sergey Panyukov, Andrey V. Dobrynin, Li-Heng Cai, Thomas E. Kodger, Rodrigo E. Guerra, Adrian F. Pegoraro, David A. Weitz, and Sergei S. Sheiko (Abstract and Presentation)

Designing mesostructures for food functionality, Erik van der Linden (Abstract)

Colloidal swarms can settle faster than isolated particles, Roberto Piazza, Enrico Lattuada, and Stefano Buzzaccaro (Abstract)

Gravitational collapse of colloidal gels, Roseanna Zia and Poornima Padmanabhan (Abstract)


Non-uniform flow of colloidal glasses and gels: The “shear-gradient concentration coupling instability”, J.K.G. Dhont (Abstract and Presentation)

Role of hydration layer on rheology of nano alumina suspensions, Mufit Akinc (Abstract)

Long-range hydrodynamic interactions enhance colloidal gelation, James Swan and Zsigmond Varga (Abstract)

Rheology, microscopic dynamics and material failure in the creep of a colloidal gel, Luca Cipelletti, Stefano Aime, and Laurence Ramos (Abstract)

Particle-stabilized water droplets that sprout millimeter-scale tubes, Paul S. Clegg, Miglė Graužinytė, Joe Forth, and Katherine A. Rumble (Abstract)

Microstructure and yielding of microfiber gels, Patrick T. Spicer, Jie Song, Marco Caggioni, and Todd M. Squires (Abstract)

Coherent x-ray studies of the microscopic dynamics underlying the phase behavior and nonlinear rheology of gel-forming nanocolloidal suspensions, Robert Leheny, Michael Rogers, Kui Chen, Martine Bertrand, Tyler Shendruk, Suresh Narayanan, Subramanian Ramakrishnan, and James Harden (Abstract)

Core/shell capsules formed by silica precipitation in biopolymer coavervate scaffold, Philipp Erni (Abstract)

Gravity-driven instabilities in fibrillar colloidal gels containing a second disperse phase, Krassimir P. Velikov, Anke Kuijk, Eline M. Hutter, Sandra Veen, and Peter van der Weg (Abstract)

Cubosomes as potential theranostic tools, Sergio Murgia (Abstract)

Modeling the shear and extensional rheology of saliva and mucin hydrogels using a sticky gel network model, Gareth h. Mckinley and Caroline wagner (Abstract)

Ultralight, reusable biopolymer aerogels: Formation mechanisms to applications in selective fluid sorption and oil spill remediation, Anurodh Tripathi, Orlando J. Rojas, and Saad A. Khan (Abstract)

Porosity governs normal stresses in polymer gels, Daniel Bonn, Henri C. G. de Cagny, Bart E. Vos, Mahsa Vahabi, Nicholas A. Kurniawan, Masao Doi, Gijsje H. Koenderink, and Fred C. MacKintosh (Abstract)

Materials construction through peptide design and solution assembly, Darrin J. Pochan (Abstract)

Biopolymers, nanoparticles and surfactants: short stories in building-up gels from self- assembly, Cécile A. Dreiss (Abstract)

On cellulose dissolution and gelation, Ulf Olsson (Abstract)

Structural and dynamic aspects of plasticization and antiplasticization in carbohydrate glasses., Job Ubbink (Abstract)

Nature-inspired hydrogels that change shape in response to external stimuli or to specific biomolecules., Srini Raghavan (Abstract)

Superresolution microscopy of individual and densely packed pNIPAM microgels, Frank Scheffold, Gaurasundar M. Conley, Marco Braibanti, Sofi Nöjd, and Peter Schurtenberger (Abstract)

Spatial and temporal CryoEM of molecular gels and 1-dimensional structures, Danino Dganit (Abstract)

Probing yield stress fluids with a vibrational rheometer, Stuart Prescott, Nicholas Best, Patrick Spicer, and Hao Ji (Abstract)


Relative humidity as a new parameter in rheological testing, Jörg Läuger and Gunther Arnold (Abstract and Presentation)


Passive microrheology as a useful tool for milk gel analyses, Roland Ramsch, Giovanni Brambilla, Mathias Fleury, Pascal Bru, and Gérard Meunier (Abstract and Presentation)


Soft matter films interfaced to electronic devices: capacitance-modulated field effect transistors integrating protein layers, Gerardo Palazzo, Luisa Torsi, Maria Magliulo, and Antonia Mallardi (Abstract and Presentation)

Surfactant gels with vesicular structure, Claudia Schmidt, Felix Grewe, Stefanie Eriksson, Daniel Topgaard, Frank Polzer, and Günter Goerigk (Abstract)

Rheology and nonlinear mechanics of transiently cross linked semiflexible networks: Bundling, ripping, healing, and mechnomemory, Alex Levine (Abstract)

Bio-inspired protein-based biomaterial, Ulyana Shimanovich and Weizmann Weizmann (Abstract)

Core-shell composite hydrogels for the controlled formation and release of nanocrystals of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredient, Abu Zayed Md Badruddoza, P. Douglas Godfrin, Allan S. Myerson, Bernhardt L. Trout, and Patrick S. Doyle (Abstract)

Structure-properties Relationships of Multicomponent Polysaccharide-peptide Hydrogels, Ronit Bitton (Abstract)


From dilute polyelectrolyte solutions to entangled polyelectrolyte networks: a study of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in water by light scattering and rheology, Juliette S. Behra, Timothy N. Hunter, Olivier J. Cayre, and Johan Mattsson (Abstract and Presentation)

On the creep ringing behavior of semi-dilute polyacrylamide and polyethylene oxide solutions, Thomas B. Goudoulas and Natalie Germann (Abstract and Presentation)

Colloidal inorganic particle-based edible oleogels and bigels, Ashok R. Patel (Abstract)

Influence of pH, temperature and sample size on natural and enforced syneresis of precipitated silica, Sebastian Wilhelm and Matthias Kind (Abstract)

Prediction of collapse time of polymer stabilized O/W emulsions, Christelle Tisserand, Giovanni Brambilla, Roland Ramsch, Pascal Bru, and Gérard Meunier (Abstract)

Anthracyclines gels: Chemical structure and functional behaviour, Mauro Giustini, Anna Maria Giuliani, Luciano Galantini, Marco D’Abramo, Oriona Dhamo, and Gerardo Palazzo (Abstract)

From dilute polyelectrolyte solutions to entangled polyelectrolyte networks: A study of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in water by light scattering and rheology, Juliette S. Behra, Timothy N. Hunter, Olivier J. Cayre, and Johan Mattsson (Abstract)

A general approach to the encapsulation of glycoenzymes chains inside calcium alginate gel beads, Gerardo Palazzo, Valeria Angarano, Luisa Torsi, and Antonia Mallardi (Abstract)

Protein repelling coatings based on stimuli-responsive aqueous microgels decorated with oligo ethylene glycols, Andrea Melle and Andrij Pich (Abstract)

Carbonized polyaniline cryogel: A spectroscopic study, Miroslava Trchová, Patrycja Bober, and Jaroslav Stejskal (Abstract)

Polyaniline cryogels: Soft and conducting, Jaroslav Stejskal, Patrycja Bober, and Miroslava Trchová (Abstract)

Enzyme-mediated surface functionalisation of stimuli-responsive microgels, Elisabeth Gau, Diana Maté, Zhi Zou, Felix Jakob, Ulrich Schwaneberg, and Andrij Pich (Abstract)

Self supporting Nanodiamond gels: Elucidating colloidal interactions through rheology, Anurodh Tripathi, Prajesh Adhikari, Nancy A. Burns, and Saad A. Khan (Abstract)

Ultralight, reusable biopolymer aerogels: Formation mechanisms to applications in selective fluid sorption and oil spill remediation, Anurodh Tripathi, Orlando J. Rojas, and Saad A. Khan (Abstract)