July 21-24, 2019
Maryborough Hotel and Spa
Cork, Ireland

Editors:   Samiul Amin, Manhattan College, USA
  Saad Khan, North Carolina State University, USA
  Srini Raghavan, University of Maryland College Park, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Samiul Amin, Saad Khan, and Srinivasa Raghavan (Article)

A New Class Of Soft Dendritic Colloidal Microgels With Extraordinary Gelation And Adhesive Capabilities, Orlin Velev, Sangchul Roh, and Simeon Stoyanov (Abstract)

The Design Of Functional Supramolecular Gels And Coatings Using Hydrophobically Modified Biopolymers And Polypeptoids, Vijay John (Abstract)

Supramolecular Polymeric Gels And Elastomers With Self–Healing And Shape–Memory Functions, Oguz Okay (Abstract)

Engineering Glasses And Gels Using Soft Colloids, Michel Cloitre (Abstract)

Biology As A Source Of Excitable Media For Complex And Reconfigurable Hydrogels, Gregory Payne (Abstract)

Polysaccharide Hydrogels Cross–Linked Via Peptide–Dendrimers, Ronit Bitton (Abstract)

Bacteria Adhesion Is Mechanosensitive To Polymer Gel Properties, Jessica D. Schiffman and Irene S. Kurtz (Abstract)

Hydrogel Formed By Organogelator Through Surfactant–Mediated Gelation (Smg) Method, Kenji Aramaki (Abstract)

Hydrogels Of Chiral–Nematic Cellulose Nanocrystals And Nanochitin, Orlando Rojas, Anurodh Tripathi, Blaise L. Tardy, Liang Liu, Yimin Fan, Saad A. Khan, and Falk Liebner (Abstract)

Time–Dependent Friction And Dynamics In Hydrogel Surface Contacts, Justin Burton, Nicholas Cuccia, and Suraj Pothineni (Abstract)

Enhanced Stiffness Of Bio–Based Composite Gels Comprising Cellulose Microfibrils And Plant–Derived Biopolymers, Krassimir Velikov (Abstract)

Rheological Characterization Of Dynamic Re–Engineering Of The Pericellular Region By Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell–Secreted Enzymes In Well–Defined Hydrogel Scaffolds, Kelly Schultz, Maryam Daviran, and John McGlynn (Abstract)

Lecithin Organogels Induced By Simple Inorganic Salts, Shih–Huang Tung (Abstract)

Macroscale Double Networks: Expanding The "Sacrificial Bond Concept" To Large Length–Scales, Daniel King (Abstract)

Creating Elastomer And Hydrogel Layers With Spatial Variation Of Crosslink Density, Jan Genzer and C.K. Pandiyarajan (Abstract)

Beyond Freezing: Low Temperature Lipidic Cubic Phase As Biomimetic, Nanoconfining Matrix, Livia Manni, Salvatore Assenza, Ehud M. Landau, and R. Mezzenga (Abstract)

Softer Junctions Can Result In Stiffer Gels: Associative Polymer Gels With Crystalline And Semicrystalline Domains, Surita Bhatia, Xuechen Yin, Bingqian Zheng, Suan P. Quah, Gerard Mattei, David Hewitt, Peter G. Khalifah, and Robert B. Grubbs (Abstract)

Controlling And Understanding Single And Multicomponent Supramolecular Gels, Dave Adams, Kate McAulay, Emily R. Draper, Ralf Schweins, and Annela M. Seddon (Abstract)

From Gels To Aerogels: Creating Multifunctionality Via Solvent Removal, Saad Khan, Tahira Pirzada, and Zahra Ashrafi (Abstract)

Gelation Of Bio–Polyelectrolytes: Interplay Between Backbone Hydrophobicity, Counterion Specificity And Counterion Valence, Carlos Lopez and Walter Richtering (Abstract)

Polyelectrolyte Assemblies: Fundamentals And Applications, Jodie Lutkenhaus and Maria Sammalkorpi (Abstract)

Soft Materials From Polyelectrolyte–Multivalent Ion Mixtures, Yakov Lapitsky (Abstract)

Understanding The Electrospinability Of Complex Coacervates, Sarah Perry, Xiangxi Meng, Juanfeng Sun, Jessica D. Schiffman, and Yalin Liu (Abstract)

Rheology And Dynamics Of Ph–Responsive Microgel Systems, Michael KC Tam and Beng H. Tan (Abstract)

Electro–Responsive Hydrogel Films And Beads: Using Electric Fields To Break Or Stick Solids, Srinivasa Raghavan (Abstract)

–Gel Formation Ability Of Monohexadecyl Phosphate Neutralized By L–Arginine, Hideki Sakai, Keisuke Tanaka, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Masaaki Akamatsu, and Kenichi Sakai (Abstract)

Connection Between Microscopic Dynamics And Macroscopic Properties Of Soft Particle Glasses, Roger Bonnecaze, Fardin Khabaz, and Michel Cloitre (Abstract)

Microrheology Of Gels Based On Polymers And On Different Colloidal Systems, Ramon Rubio, Ana Mateos Maroto, Laura . Fernández Peña, Fernando Martínez-Pedrero, Francisco Ortega, and Eduardo Guzmán (Abstract)

Knot Energy, Complexity, and Mobility of Knotted Polymers, Jack Douglas and Fernado Vargas-Lara (Abstract)

Rheology Of The Colloidal Glass Transition As Compared To The Molecular Glass Transition And Gelation, H. Henning Winter (Abstract)

Colloidal Microgel Particles: Confinement Of Liquid Crystals And Characterization, Mohan Srinivasarao (Abstract)

The Colloidal Microstructure Of Mechanically Reinforced Organohydrogels, Lilian Hsiao (Abstract)

Rheological Control Of Microemulsions Is Possible By Admixture Of End–Capped Multi–Arm Polymers Of Different Functionality – A Study Of Structure And Dynamics, Michael Gradzielski, Paula Malo de Molina, and Christoph Herfurth (Abstract)

Interface-Mediated Assembly Of Tunable Anisotropic Nanoparticle Clusters And Phases, Guarav Arya, Tsung-Yeh Tang, and Yilong Zhou (Abstract)

Peptide hydrogels from twisted ribbon aggregates, Axel Rüter, Luigi Gentile, and Darrin J. Pochan (Abstract)

Large-area alginate/PEO-PPO-PEO hydrogels with thermoreversible rheology at physiological temperatures, Surita Bhatia, Suan P. Quah, Dmytro Nykypanchuk, Andrei Fluerasu, and Yugang Zhang (Abstract)

Cluster formation during aging of colloid-polymer dispersions and re-entrant rheological behavior at interfaces and the microscale, Surita Bhatia and Bingqian Zheng (Abstract)

Understanding affinity-driven protein uptake into ionically crosslinked chitosan micro- and nanogels, Yakov Lapitsky (Abstract)

Desalination using polyelectrolyte hydrogels, Lucie Nová, Oleg V. Rud, and Peter Košovan (Abstract)

Shear-dependent structures of microfibrillated cellulose gels, Emily Facchine and Saad Khan (Abstract)

Electrospinning complex coacervates, Sarah L. Perry, Xiangxi Meng, Juanfeng Sun, Jessica D. Schiffman, and Yalin Liu (Abstract)

One-pot synthesis of surface anchored network coatings, Jan Genzer (Abstract)