Hydrogel Formed By Organogelator Through Surfactant–Mediated Gelation (Smg) Method

Conference Dates

July 21-24, 2019


Low molecular weight gelators (LMGs) can easily form a gel through a simple dissolution and cooling process in a solvent. In such gels, the LMG molecules form self-assembled fibrillar networks (SAFiNs) which arrest the solvent. An example of an LMG is the organogelator 12-hydroxyoctadecanoic acid (12-HOA) which gels various organic solvents but not water. However, it is possible that hydrogels can be produced by dissolving 12-HOA in an aqueous surfactant solution due to the solubilization capacity of surfactant self-assemblies such as micelles. We refer this novel approach as the surfactant-mediated gelation (SMG) which allows "hydrogelation by organogelator" without any chemical treatment on the gelator molecule.

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