Conference Dates

April 10-14, 2016


The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) at the University of Wyoming is charged, by the Wyoming Legislature, to work with Wyoming oil producers to increase oil production, and as result, increase tax revenues of the state. EORI is part of the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming, which provides offices and laboratory facilities in which EORI works. A Technical Advisory Board (TAB), comprised of leading experts from universities and energy companies in the United States, provides technical oversight of EORI work. In addition to industry cooperation and project co-funding, EORI works closely with the other University of Wyoming centers of excellence – particularly the Carbon Management Institute and the Center for Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow – as well as similar institutions in Houston, TX, Palo Alto, CA, Lawrence, KS, Austin, TX, and Golden, CO.

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) works to help the State of Wyoming and its energy producers to recover a large resource of stranded oil in depleted oil reservoirs as rapidly, responsibly, and economically as possible. EORI is the only institution devoted to enhanced oil recovery in Wyoming oil fields.

EORI is dedicated to delivering relevant, topical solutions to producers in Wyoming so that benefits can be realized in a reasonable period of time. The institute is primarily focused on application of new technology through field demonstrations, and supports additional development work as necessary to support commercial-scale implementation. As part of this commitment, the institute has adopted a culture consistent with that of that state’s oil producers – EORI’s priorities and values align with the oil industry’s priorities and values, they talk industry language, and their projects meet industry standards. Specifically, these solutions require an evaluation of the state’s newly proposed flaring rules as well as oil production implications of the sage grouse issues.

This paper/presentation will provide a summary of the Institute’s latest technology initiatives and how those technologies can be applied in Wyoming to help producers address the issues associated with new flaring rules and sage grouse mating land set asides.