Conference Dates

April 10-14, 2016


Enviro Ambient specializes in a multi-pollutant emission reduction control process where several pollutants like NOx, SOx, halogens and heavy metals including mercury are reduced simultaneously. The process involves injecting two strong oxidants – ozone and hydrogen peroxide – in the flue gas stream and converting the pollutants into water soluble compounds, which are then precipitated out of the flue gases via condensation process by injecting very fine water droplets. The condensed acids are then collected as wastewater for neutralization and further treatment depending upon local wastewater discharge requirements. The results were successfully demonstrated for natural gas and coal-fired units at a Technology Center located in Louisville, KY. During demonstrations that extended for a period of over three years, an interesting phenomenon was observed regarding our ability to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. At certain flue gas velocities and temperature windows, high water injection rates resulted in significant reductions in CO2 as measured by CO2 analyzers and FTIR instrumentation in the outlet ductwork. These reductions consistently ranged anywhere between 50 to 80% and in some instances, even higher, depending upon the flue gas conditions and water injection rates. The CO2 captured is transitory in the sense that it readily comes out of the wastewater stream by simply leaving it in a holding tank for a few hours, or the process can be accelerated by using agitators. The downstream instrumentation in the flue gas stream showed little, if any noticeable change in other gases implying that the CO2 captured and sequestered is of high purity for direct use in enhanced oil recovery, conversion to alternative fuels, or compression and storage. Our multi-pollutant emission reduction process is not a prerequisite to high CO2 removal as this system can be placed downstream of any traditional technology like wet FGD, SCR or dry sorbent injection. The objective of the presentation to be delivered by Enviro Ambient is to discuss the CO2 removal process, its economic value proposition and potential applications of the captured CO2.