May 22-26, 2017 Grand Hotel San Michele Calabria, Italy

Editors:   Jen Wilcox (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
  Holly Krutka (Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, USA)
  Simona Liguori (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
  Niall Mac Dowell (Imperial College, United Kingdom)

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Jen Wilcox, Holly Krutka, Simona Liguori, and Niall Mac Dowell (Article)

The Role of CCS for Attaining Long-term Climate Stabilization, Massimo Tavoni (Abstract)

Research Opportunities for Negative Emissions and CO2 Utilization at the Gigatonne Scale, Arun Majumdar (Abstract)

A Preliminary Political Economy of Net-negative Emissions Technologies, David M. Reiner (Abstract)


Manufacturing our Future: Industries, European Regions and Climate Action, Jonas Helseth (Abstract and Presentation)

Towards Industry, Policy, and Civil Society Action on Carbon Removal, Noah Deich (Abstract)

Pathways to CCS Commercialization, Wilfried Maas and Lily Gray (Abstract)

Carbon Dioxide Removal, Howard Herzog (Abstract)

Land Use Implications of Negative Emissions from BECCS, Sabine Fuss (Abstract)

The Transition of CCS from Fossil Fuel CO2 Control to Negative Emissions, Roger D. Aines and Sean T. McCoy (Abstract)

Can BECCS Deliver Sustainable and Resource-efficient Negative Emissions?, Mathilde Fajardy and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

Sustainable BECCS Pathways Evaluated by an Integrated Assessment Model, Etsushi Kato and Atsushi Kurosawa (Abstract)


Negative Emissions on South East Asia: Renewable Energy Optimization with BECCS for Indonesia, Florian Kraxner, P. Yowargana, P. Patrizio, S. Leduc, S. Mesfun, and S. Fuss (Abstract and Presentation)

Slicing the Pie: How Big Could Carbon Dioxide Removal Be?, Peter Psarras, Jennifer Wilcox, Sienna Zhang, Simona Liguori, Holly Krutka, Mathilde Fajardy, and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)


Adsorption Processes for CO2 Capture: An Overview, Paul Webley, Ranjeet Singh, and Penny Xiao (Abstract and Presentation)


A Membrane Approach to CO2 Capture, Richard W. Baker, Brice Freeman, and Tim Merkel (Abstract and Presentation)

Membrane Condenser: Direct and Indirect Support to CO2 capture, Enrico Drioli and Francesca Macedonio (Abstract)

Advanced Membrane Operations in CO2 Capture, Giuseppe Barbieri (Abstract)

Designing Materials and Processes for CO2 Capture with Solid Sorbents, Adam H. Berger and Abhoyjit S. Bhown (Abstract)

Carbon Dioxide Reforming with Natural Gas and Coal using Chemical Looping, Andrew Tong, Mandar Kathe, Zhuo Cheng, Yitao Zhang, and L.-S. Fan (Abstract)

International Efforts of the National Carbon Capture Center, Roxann Laird (Abstract)

Carbon Management at Shenhua – R&D Initiatives and CCUS Demonstrations, Anthony Ku and Chang Wei (Abstract)

On the Operation of CCS Within a Diverse Energy System, Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

Carbon Capture and Geologic Sequestration from Intermittent Use of Fossil Fuels, Susan D. Hovorka (Abstract)

Reversible Solid Oxide Cells as a Flexible, Dispatchable Resource for Grid-Energy Storage and Natural Gas Production Using CO2 and CH4, Robert Braun, Evan Reznicek, and Chris Wendel (Abstract)

Integration of carbon capture with renewable energy in power generation and steel manufacturing, Ali Abbas (Abstract)

A bio-physical and net-energy comparison of CCS and renewable energy baseload systems, Sgouris Sgouridis, Michael Carbajales-Dale, Denes Csala, Matteo Chiesa, and Ugo Bardi (Abstract)

Cement, CCS and CO2 Uptake, Including an Update on the EU LEILAC Project, Paul Fennell, Tom Hills, Liya Zheng, and John Blamey (Abstract)

To Utilize or Not to Utilize? A Life-Cycle Assessment Perspective on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, André Bardow (Abstract)

What We Talk About When We Talk About CCUS: New Tactics for Communicating the Opportunities and Risks, Marcius Extavour (Abstract)


CO2 Capture from Industrial Sources by High-temperature Sorbents, Matteo C. Romano, Giampaolo Manzolini, and Stefano Consonni (Abstract and Presentation)

Lifecycle CO2 emissions from US bioethanol production with CCS, Sean T. McCoy, Kimberley A. Mullins, and Ines L. Azevedo (Abstract)


CCUS as a Regional Economic Development Tool: Planning and Design Considerations, Kevin O’Brien (Abstract and Presentation)

Metastable hydrated carbonates for algae biofuel production, Valentina Prigiobbe, Xiaoguang Meng, and Christos Christodoulatos (Abstract)

Catalyzing a CO2-neutral Society, Mark Saeys (Abstract)

Maximizing the Mitigation Potential of Curtailed Wind: A Comparison Between Carbon Capture and Utilization, and Direct Air Capture Processes for the UK, Habiba A. Daggash, Clemens Patzschke, Clara Heuberger, Lingqiao Zhu, and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

Harnessing Peridotite Alteration for Carbon Capture and Storage, Peter Kelemen (Abstract)

Status, Challenges, and Potential Capacity of Reliable Geologic Storage of CO2, Susan D. Hovorka (Abstract)

The Potential of Carbon Storage in the Ocean as Bicarbonate, Phil Renforth and Sarah J. Gore (Abstract)

Pathways to Accelerated Carbon Mineralization in Mine Tailings, Gregory M. Dipple, Ian Power, Kate Carroll, and Bart De Baere (Abstract)

Carbonation of Industrial Residues for CCUS: Fundamentals, Energy Requirements and Scale-up Opportunities, Renato Baciocchi (Abstract)


Cost-effective, near-term deployment of carbon capture and storage from biorefineries in the United States, Daniel L. Sanchez, Nils Johnson, and Sean McCoy (Abstract and Presentation)

Opportunities for industrial CO2 capture and utilization in the US, Peter Psarras, Peter Maniloff, and Jennifer Wilcox (Abstract)

Analysis of reversible solid oxide cell technology for grid-energy storage and synthetic natural gas production with CO2, Evan P. Reznicek and Robert Braun (Abstract)

What are the key processes of CO2 storage to represent in energy systems models? A dynamic model of CO2 storage in the UK Bunter Sandstone, Clea Kolster, Simeon Agada, Niall MacDowell, and Samuel Krevor (Abstract)

Can BECCS efficiently and sustainably remove CO2 from the atmosphere?, Mathilde Fajardy and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

Power-to-transport: Using curtailed wind to run CCU processes, Habiba A. Daggash, Clemens Patzschke, Clara Heuberger, Lingqiao Zhu, and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

CO2 capture from the industry sector, Praveen Bains, Peter Psarras, and Jennifer Wilcox (Abstract)

Design and operations optimization of membrane separation for flexible carbon capture from natural gas combined cycle systems, Mengyao Yuan, Holger Teichgräber, and Adam Brandt (Abstract)

Geospatial analysis of BECCS deployment potential in the U.S., Ejeong Baik, Daniel L. Sanchez, Katharine J. Mach, Christopher B. Field, and Sally Benson (Abstract)

Applying potential BECCS solutions to the US coal sector: New coal boom or bust?, Florian Kraxner, Piera Patrizio, Sylvain Leduc, Sennai Mesfun, and Ping Yowargana (Abstract)

The water-energy-carbon-land nexus: Optimising the BECCS supply chain, Solène Chiquier, Mathilde Fajardy, and Niall Mac Dowell (Abstract)

Photocatalityc membrane reactor for CO2 conversion, Giuseppe Barbieri, Francesca R. Pomilla, Leonardo Palmisano, Adele Brunetti, Enrica Fontananova, and Giuseppe Marcì (Abstract)

H2 production in Palladium-based Membrane Reactor, Nora Buggy, Jennifer Wilcox, Simona Liguori, and Bryce Anzelmo (Abstract)

Mineral carbonation opportunities in the western United States, Christopher M. Caskey and Jennifer Wilcox (Abstract)