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May 22-26, 2017


One of the major concerns has been the impact of Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration on regional economies. We submit that CCUS provides a means for regional economic growth and job creation. In order to achieve these benefits, it is necessary to re-build and re-design the structure of the regional carbon supply chain. This includes (1) developing a methodology to evaluate large scale capture options for regional power plants, (2) evaluating a portfolio of options to utilize the captured CO2 that are relevant to the needs of the local economy, (3) establishing public-private partnerships that help incentivize the newly formed / newly revised carbon supply chain. The state of Illinois, through the University of Illinois, is demonstrating on a large pilot scale the technical feasibility of retrofitting power plants with the Linde/BASF carbon capture system. This presentation shares the experience gained and progress achieved, along with identification of issues and challenges that need to be overcome from a technical, financial, and policy perspective. It discusses up-front design considerations when the eventual utilization of the capture CO2 is one of the ultimate goals. It also reviews steps that are taken that address workforce development needs throughout the carbon supply chain. It also discusses a strategy for deployment of CCUS throughout the state.

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